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Academic Background

  • Obtain Master of Science Degree from the University Of Utah, Utah in the year of 1992 at Consumer and Family Studies as the major. The degree emphasized on family nutrition and individual nutrition.
  • Acquire Bachelor of Science Degree from the University Of Utah, Utah in the year of 1989 at Consumer and Family Studies, where Sociology was the minor paper. Other Relevant Courses
  • Have done professional courses on Human Nutrition, with special emphasis on Family Decision Making on Financial Involvement in Food Selection; Standards Pertaining to the Decision regarding Food Type I and Food Type II; Interpersonal Communication, with special emphasis on Social and Individual Psychology; and Human Relations.


Have done internship in Smith County Annexure Service, Atlanta, GA (winter, 1990)

  • Have composed Food and Drinks Advice column, “Eat Healthy!”
  • Designed diagrams and offered presentation regarding primary nutrients.

Professional Background

1992- Present date: Working as chief dietician at the Irwin Hospital, Atlanta, GA with the following work responsibilities

  • Conferring with different medical stuffs and multidisciplinary colleagues
  • Preparing nutritional care strategies for individual and organizational setup
  • Interviewing patients and identifying their particular needs
  • Maintaining and documenting medical records of the patients interviewed
  • Instructing and counseling patients and conducting group and/or family counseling
  • Performing various duties being a valuable member of the primary support team of the hospital

1991- 1992: Performed as the junior dietician for Dunwoody Nursing Home with the following job responsibilities

  • Provided assistance for selecting and preparing food trays of the admitted patients
  • Took relevant sessions for the admitted patients regarding the healthy food patterns and participated in preparing diet schedule for the patients with specific illnesses such as renal disorder.

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