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Academic Background

  • Acquire Bachelor of Science Degree from the University Of Carlsberg, Utah in the year of 1994 at Nursing Studies, where Sociology was the minor paper.
  • Obtained Diploma on the following AIDS Program conducted for Clinical Nurses from Round hall Medical School of Nursing Saint George, MO.
  • Diploma Registration no:- 12345

Professional Achievement

  • Membership with All American Nurses Society
  • Membership with Clinical Intravenous Nurses Association
  • Registered as Intravenous Clinical in the ‘State of California’ Registration no: – 996587

Professional Background

1992 – Present Day: Working as a responsible Sponge Jill Clinical Nurse and Clinical AIDS coordinator CA with the following work responsibilities

  • Provide case studies for Sponge Jill Nursing Centre management, properly guiding and following up with the ADIS patients also taking up infusion therapies for home.
  • Actively involved, in identifying the need to study on infection rate of venous access devices used on ADIS patient, presently working on collection of on the following.
  • Selecting proper needful candidates for the infusion therapies with high tech devices.
  • Teaching and training the families of the patients for conducting these complex and high tech therapies by themselves within the setting of the home.
  • Steps included in the therapy are: – antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy, hydration, parenteral pain management.

1989- 1992: Performed at the Oncology department of Easter Hospital as a Senior Staff Nurse at Grade-II with the following job responsibilities

  • Worked as a primary nurse and helped to coordinate for the care of the patient with acute condition.
  • Involved actively in pain management and proper chemotherapy care
  • Involved in arranging for discharging patient with proper home care agencies.
  • Acted as an active planner in Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant Program.

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