Optician Resume Sample

When you want a career as an optician, you should naturally assume all other applicants are coming in with similar levels of education and experiences. You need to make yourself stand out, and you can do that with a well-written, informative resume. If you are unsure of how to start the writing process, it can be useful to consult with an optician resume sample first.

You can compare your current resume with the sample provided here to see what skills and experiences are good to include. You can also see how to format a professional resume. You only have one or two pages to sell yourself, so every portion counts. In the event you require additional assistance, you can also use the resume builder to aid you further.

Optician Resume

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Professional Objective

    Achieving the objective and goal of an organization by working in a challenging environment and to reach the position of a Senior Manager.

Computer Programming Skills

  • Operating Systems: Windows9X, Windows2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Unix, MS DOS
  • HTML Editing Tools: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe GoLive
  • Graphics Tools: Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, 3D Max, Bryce 3D
  • Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Programming Language: Pascal, Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Java, Java Swing, Python

Academic Background

  • Obtain Bachelor r of Science Degree from the University Of Georgia, CA in the year of 1992 at Ophthalmic Dispensing as the major. The degree focuses on Optometric Practice.
  • Acquire Graduation Degree from the University Of Georgia, CA in the year of 1991 at Optical Technician emphasizing on optical gadgets.

Relevant Professional Accomplishment

  • Gained expertise in various optical environment, Involved in Private Optometric Practice.
  • Gained experience by working in large retail outlet.
  • Acquired professional knowledge in optical lens design.
  • Remained as fellow member of Naval Academy of Optician.
  • Expertise in pediatric and geriatric optician, multidiscipline optician and low vision.

Professional Background

1992- Present date: Working as Senior Optician at the wonderworld Eye Care Clinic, Alaska, with the following work responsibilities

  • Responsible for preparation of financial report and providing budgetary control for optometric department.
  • Strict adherence of state and central guidelines for optometric services and care.
  • Actively participated in the purchase department of the eye care clinic for purchase of lenses and frames for spectacles.
  • Coordinated with the staff members for the growth of the clinic.
  • Interviewing patients and identifying their particular needs.
  • Properly Maintaining and documenting medical records of the patients interviewed and checked.

1991- 1992: Performed as the junior dietician for Dunwoody Nursing Home with the following job responsibilities

  • Provided assistance for selecting and preparing food trays of the admitted patients
  • Took relevant sessions for the admitted patients regarding the healthy food patterns and participated in preparing diet schedule for the patients with specific illnesses such as renal disorder

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Why Is This a Good Optician Resume Sample?

There are several reasons why this is an engaging optician resume sample that would impress almost any hiring manager. For starters, the professional objective is quick and to the point. Many jobseekers only spend a few seconds glancing over resumes initially, so you want to grab their attention right from the start.

The skills section is unique in a good way. The jobseeker does not waste a lot of space mentioning skills not relevant to this line of work. Instead, the resume writer dedicates the space solely to discussing computer skills. It is a great way for the jobseeker to get specific by mentioning exact types of software. It also makes the jobseeker stand out from the rest of the applicants who may have spent the section talking about proficiencies that do not really mean anything. Phrases such as “team player” are fine for some resumes, but for others, it merely gets in the way. If you wanted to show why you are a team player, then you would want to give a specific example of working with a team in the Work Experience section.

This particular jobseeker has chosen to have an entire section devoted to accomplishments, which is an optional step for your own resume. However, if you have earned various awards or accolades, then it can be useful to include them in a resume. In the event you only have one or two noteworthy accomplishments, then you could most likely insert them in the Work Experience section.

Finally, the jobseeker follows the correct formatting in the Experience section of the optician resume sample. It starts with the most recent job and goes back to a position held previously. In most cases, you would not want to talk about experiences more than 15 years ago, but since this individual only has a couple workplaces, it is acceptable in this instance.

Why You Need a Strong Optician Resume

The need for opticians is only going to grow as the years go on. Some reports suggest the need could grow by as much as 24 percent by 2024. The reason for this is due to the aging baby boomer population requiring greater eye care. Therefore, vision offices look for more opticians, and as a result, look through more resumes.

You need to make sure you stand apart from the competition. In one study, 61 percent of job recruiters stated they would automatically disqualify a resume if it had a single typo. Compare your resume to the optician resume sample here. Be honest with yourself and determine which a hiring manager would be more likely to go with.

Costly Optician Resume Mistakes to Avoid

A few rules hold true no matter what type of job you want. You should proofread everything carefully before submitting to an employer. You also would not want to lie about your experiences because that can come back to haunt you. Learn a few other tips from the optician resume sample here.

As you can see, everything is in reverse chronological order. Both the Education and Work Experience sections begin with whatever is most recent, and then the jobseeker works backward to discuss previous information. The reason you want to do this in your own writing is it lets the reader know immediately where you are in your career now. Many hiring managers only spend about six seconds reviewing a resume before deciding to read any further. You want everything to look correct at a first glance. If a hiring manager cannot make heads or tails of your document, then you may not hear back.


Every section of your resume needs to be expertly crafted like the optician resume sample. You should start strong with a solid professional statement and keep the momentum going by being informative with your skills, education and work experiences. A rewarding career in the healthcare industry could be out there waiting for you.