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When you upload or deliver a resume for consideration, you are putting your trust and opportunity into this one document. For this reason, it is important to hand in a resume that truly puts your best foot forward. The current job market is highly competitive, and employers are often inundated with possible new hires. To beat out the competition, it is imperative to have a resume that is polished, thorough, and accurately lists everything you have to offer.

The grant assistant resume sample below gives a detailed look at all the components that go into a quality resume. Use this guide to create your own document, paying attention to the formatting, word choice, and length. For even more assistance, check out our resume builder.

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David Smith

100 Broadway Lane
New Parkland, CA, 91010
Cell: (555) 987-1234

Professional Summary

Detail oriented Medical Transcription with experience transcribing documents for doctors and medical professionals seeks full time job in the transcription field. Adept at using different forms of medical management software, strong understanding of medical terminology and capable of working independently.

Core Qualifications

  • Medical terminology
  • Fast and efficient data entry
  • Detail oriented
  • Trained in medical software
  • Certified in transcription
  • Independent worker


Medical Transcription, April 2011 – January 2015
New Cityland Community Health Clinic, New Cityland, CA

  • Responsible for listening to and transcribing letters, patient records and other documents
  • Followed federal regulations to protect the privacy of patients
  • Used speech recognition software and checked with doctors to ensure it recorded the right information
  • Sent reports to clients and made any changes they requested
  • Worked in the transcription office to record documents that later went to patients

Medical Transcription, June 2009 – March 2011
Work from Home Medical Assisting, Los Angeles, CA

  • Worked from home and used professional software to record and enter information submitted by doctors
  • Created rough drafts of documents, edited drafts and submitted drafts to clients for approval
  • Used remote software to enter documents and information into the computer systems used by hospitals across the state
  • Responsible for replacing certain terminology with codes to protect patients
  • Identified any errors or issues found within each report or document submitted by a client


2009, University of California, New Cityland, CA
Associates in Applied Health Science

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Why Is This a Good Grant Assistant Resume Sample?

Looking over a well-written resume is extremely helpful when tackling your own. This resume’s various components make for an excellent grant assistant resume sample. Right at the beginning, the applicant has a professional summary that emphasizes her background. She includes specific information, such as having experience writing grants for community colleges and universities. This shows the employer what type of focus the applicant has, which can make for a stronger document, especially when the focus of the job opening and the applicant’s background align. The professional summary goes on to list both job skills and qualities, such as “meeting tight deadlines” and “writing essays.” Specific information such as this is more powerful than bland and overused statements such as “hard worker.”

The core qualifications section is extremely easy to read, as the applicant has used bullet points to set off the information. She uses short phrases to describe her skills and sticks to those that are relevant for a grant assistant. The bulleted list in this grant assistant resume sample provides a snapshot of the key attributes the applicant will bring to the position. Note that she doesn’t use periods in this section and includes both hard and soft skills.

While the applicant only lists two jobs in the work experience section, each one is detailed. The five bullet points each start with a strong action word, such as “assisted” and “prepared.” The jobseeker includes metrics in this section, such as a grant amount and the number of applications completed, which provide solid evidence of her abilities. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up in this section and consider how you served the company successfully.

The education section is succinct but important. In this grant assistant resume sample, the applicant hasn’t completed advanced education; however, she is sure to list her high school diploma and relevant information, including the name of the school, the city and state, and the year of graduation.

Why You Need a Strong Grant Assistant Resume

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the grant and fundraising field to grow 9 percent between 2014 and 2024. Therefore, there will likely be an increase in applicants, making employers all the quicker to eliminate candidates who don’t make the grade. This makes having a standout resume extremely important.

In general, employers only have a few seconds to look over a resume before deciding which pile to place it in. A quick glance shows the employer whether the applicant can write well, whether his or her information is easy to digest, and if relevant keywords jump off the page. Since your position will involve writing, making your words clear and grammatically correct, as shown in the grant assistant resume sample, demonstrates your written proficiency.

Costly Grant Assistant Resume Mistakes To Avoid

As mentioned above, proper grammar and syntax are extremely important for a resume in this field, since the job requires a great deal of writing. When composing your resume, look over the grant assistant resume sample to see where to use periods and where to leave them out. The sample also shows the effectiveness of phrases over full sentences and when those are acceptable.

Since this field requires a great deal of passion, commitment, and desire for positive action, you want to stress these attributes in your resume. If you have experience volunteering, you may want to include that as well, in a separate section. Doing so further demonstrates your giving spirit and your willingness to help others. Of course, you don’t want to be vague or clichéd when you list your generous attributes. Attach them to action whenever possible, especially in the work experience section. This shows that you don’t just see the glass half full; you also work to keep it that way.


People often sell themselves short in their resumes or don’t take the time to really think about what they’ve done. If you feel like your resume isn’t strong enough, ask a friend or colleague to help you brainstorm what makes you a strong candidate. Then use the grant assistant resume sample to input this information into your document. You’ll come out strong and ready to apply for that perfect job.