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Social Worker Resume Questions 

1. How do you list references on a social worker resume?

Many job postings request that you include references as part of the application process. After reviewing our social worker resume sample and writing out the other sections of your resume, you might wonder how to fit this information on your document, especially if you are trying to stick to one page. Know that it is appropriate to include a second page to list your references when drafting your resume. If the job description doesn’t mention references, leave them off your document.

Every reference you include should state the name of the person along with his or her professional title, phone number, and email address. Double check to ensure this information is accurate so employers can conveniently contact your references.

2. What do you put on a social worker resume for your first job?

The best place to start is by looking over our social worker resume sample. By doing so, you’ll have a better idea of what sections you should include on this document and how you should format them.

For first-time jobseekers, a resume objective statement is generally more appropriate than a professional summary. Make sure you craft a strong objective that showcases your best skills and emphasizes why employers should hire you for the open position. You should also include information about your career goals, education, membership in professional organizations, and relevant volunteer experience.

3. What’s the best format for a resume: PDF, MS Word, or txt?

After you’ve gone over our social worker resume sample and developed your own document, you should save it in a standard file format, such as MS Word or PDF. If you use an obscure file format, employers might have a hard time opening up your resume to view it once you apply for a new job. Note that this guideline only applies if an employer does not ask for a specific file format.

4. What should you do to make sure your social worker resume makes it past an ATS?

An Applicant Tracking System scans resumes for certain keywords. Generally, the resumes that include these predetermined keywords and phrases will make it to the next round of the review process.

To ensure your resume makes it past an ATS, use common industry phrases you would expect an employer to look for throughout your resume. For example, our social worker resume sample includes important keywords such as “clinical social work,” “advocate,” and “crisis.”

5. What is the best design for a social worker resume?

Our social worker resume sample features plenty of white space, strong headers, and clear organization. This makes it easy for employers to read and retain information following a quick glance. Your resume should include these same important design elements and some personal flair to show off your individuality. Tailor your creative elements to the job you apply for.

If you need help designing and formatting your resume, our step-by-step resume builder is a great place to start. All you have to do is input your information, and this helpful tool will do the rest so you can get back to your job search as quickly as possible.