3 Do’s & Don’ts for Your Resume Objective

When writing a resume objective, make it professional, direct, and memorable. If you do, the hiring manager will be more likely to give the entire document a closer look, and that increases the chance you will get an interview. But that’s only if the objective is as useful and powerful as it can be, and often, it isn’t.

Here are three do’s and don’ts for putting together a resume objective that will improve your chances of a callback.

Do’s for the Resume Objective

While you want to briefly highlight skill, experience and educational background, make sure the resume objective has a clear statement about how you will contribute to the company’s success.

Keep the objective relevant to the position and industry at hand. Include two or three major assets that you bring to the table the hiring manager should know about.

Use no more than three sentences. The first should be a quick introduction to you professionally. The next one or two should be clean and concise statements about why you’re the ideal candidate for this position. For example: Dependable and organized Legal Secretary experienced in office management and nonprofit environments. Has background in latest hardware and software, personnel management, communication systems, and administration.

Don’ts for the Resume Objective

Do not use the exact same resume objective for every position. It demonstrates to hiring managers that you aren’t paying attention to their needs and have no real investment in the offered position.

Even if you are entry level, avoid sounding like you lack experience. Stay away from statements that imply you’re ready to learn or need the experience. Be specific about what you do know and how that’s an asset to any organization.

Focus on the position in front of you. Do not mention long-term career goals about starting your own business. Your entire resume should be a testament to your interest in this job and your plans to excel at it. Here’s an example of a poorly constructed objective.

Young entrepreneur with B.A. in Internet Technology looking to learn more about running a software business. Can help your company develop its website and apps, with the ultimate goal of starting my own business.

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