3 Popular Resume Formats That Get Job Offers

No other aspect of the job search plays as critical role as the resume. Without this document, there is no interview and certainly no job offer. So when putting together your resume, make sure it impresses hiring managers with its professionalism in every way.

One thing to consider beforehand is the type of resume you should utilize in a job search. Here are three popular resume formats that get job offers. Used appropriately, they promise to make credentials easier to scan, letting hiring managers find the information you need them to see right away.

Reverse Chronological Resume

The most traditional resume format, the reverse chronological resume is used by students, graduates and experienced candidates. It lists professional and educational experiences, starting with most recent first. The timeline on a reverse chronological resume will show a candidate’s gradual growth through learning and accomplishment.

Functional Resume

The functional resume highlights a list of skills and achievements relevant to the company and position. Of the three popular resume formats that get job offers, the functional resume is ideal for candidates that need to market skills as opposed to experiences. Candidates who have extensive gaps in their work history, are looking to switch careers, or want to reenter the job market after an absence should consider this format.

Instead of a job breakdown, the functional resume consists of sections that demonstrate leadership, technical literacy, hard and soft skills, adaptability, and more. It will include a brief list of former employers, positions, and titles held, as well as an education section.

Reverse Chronological-Functional Resume Hybrid

The reverse chronological-functional resume hybrid meshes the best of both aforementioned formats. The hybrid utilizes a candidate’s job history to highlight the candidate’s strongest skills and accomplishments. In essence, the combination is useful for playing up a wide range of talents alongside the steady work history. This format is a good choice for graduates, seasoned executives, and ex-military who want to show how their skills and work history relate to a position.

If you need to know more about the three popular resume formats that get job offers, take a look at Resume Builder. It’s a powerful and friendly tool that creates resumes start to finish using a broad range of criteria. With a few simple clicks, it can help you decide which of the three popular resume formats that get job offers best suits your needs.

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