7 of the Most Desirable Job Skill Values

Every hiring manager will pore over your resume and grill you in the interview as part of their search for a specific set of job skill values. If you want to impress them, you need to be ready to show them that you possess these skills.

Research & Analytical Skills

When looking for job skill values, hiring managers will try to gauge your talent for analysis during the interview. They need to know you can efficiently and effectively find answers to problems and address key issues through careful evaluation.

Technical & Computer Literacy

There aren’t too many corners of the job market left where having a basic understanding of software and hardware isn’t a desired job skill value. The more you can show you know about spreadsheets, word processing, email, and the internet, the better.

Prioritization, Flexibility & Adaptability

Hiring managers want candidates who know how to get things done with minimal supervision. Show that you can deal with multiple tasks by planning and organizing, setting priorities, quickly adapting to change, solving problems, and meeting deadlines.

Personal Values

Honesty, integrity, and morality are just a few of the intangible qualities that stand front and center in job skill values. It’s imperative that the information in your resume and what you convey during interviews demonstrate your personal integrity.

Communication Skills

This is undoubtedly the most important skill to have. Your resume should show you have the valued job skill of writing and speaking professionally, while the interview has to make it shine. Be ready to be an active listener and respond accordingly.

Interpersonal Skills

The ability to inspire others to excel, a strong talent for managing conflict, and a knack for being able to relate to coworkers, clients, customers, and management are essential in every work environment, making your interpersonal faculties a highly desired job skill value.


Being able to demonstrate the ability to inspire others to excel, to take charge when necessary, and to lead during tasks is a highly sought after job value skill. A candidate who appears to have the capacity to mobilize, coach and motivate can look forward to a long, rewarding tenure with an employer.

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