Account Manager Resume Writing Tips

Account management positions are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Steep competition is expected for this type of job. Those with graduate degrees, experience, and excellent communication skills have the best opportunities. However, the key to getting a good job with a lucrative company is to create a top-notch account manager resume which can be done with a lot of time and effort.

Creating an Account Manager Resume

First, keep in mind that there are sample resumes available on the internet. With this in mind you can use an accounting manager resume sample as a guideline for creating your own. These samples are written by professionals, so you can benefit from using them. An account manager is one of the highest positions in a company, so you need to make your resume stand out above those of all other applicants. When applying for such an important position, place an emphasis on your best skills and qualifications.

The resume should be action oriented, so inform your potential employer how you will be an asset to the company with the skills you possess. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, you should still demonstrate your qualifications in a compelling manner. Do research on the company before writing the resume. Learn what the company expects from its employees and keep this information in mind when highlighting your skills and qualifications.

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Account Manager Resume Structure

After filling out your contact information at the top of the page, you need to write your objective. This doesn’t have to be long – one sentence. An example of a resume objective that you can include is: ‘interested in a demanding role as an account manager for an established company’. After this, you need to write about your work experience. Talk about the relevant responsibilities you’ve performed in the past. Use action verbs here, such as ‘managed’, ‘supervised’, ‘delivered’, ‘adjusted’, ‘administered’, ‘prioritized’, etc.

Next, talk about your educational background. List your schools in order, starting with the most recent. Here you can also list any certifications or licenses you might have. List the name of the school, address, your graduation date, and degrees or certifications. After this, you can write about any account manager qualifications you have, such as computer skills, market research, consumer behavior research, public relations, sales, and so forth.

The last section of an account manager resume should be about your employment history. Mention every single company for which you’ve ever worked. Include internships, contract work, part-time work, and full-time work. Explain briefly what you did for each company and don’t forget to include professional references. After all, the company for which you are applying will want verification of your qualifications.

Perfecting Your Account Manager Resume

Since an account manager has such an important role in regards to a company’s finances, you must make your resume as convincing as possible. Convince the employer that you can help the company save money and time with your skills and knowledge. In what way can the company benefit from having you as an employee? Keep this question in mind when creating the resume. Remember to double checking spelling and grammar so that the resume is as professional as possible.

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