Accountant Resume Writing Tips

An accountant prepares, evaluates, and verifies financial information. A professional who works in the accounting industry must prepare fiscal reports with up-to-date information in all areas of finance. It is possible to work in many sectors which include public, private and government. Essentially, an accountant keeps track of a company’s money and needs to be qualified to do so. Jobseekers who obtain additional certification, such as Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) and Certified Public Accountants (CPA), have an advantage in the job market.

Accountant Resume Structure

If you are trying to obtain an accounting job, you need to use an accountant resume sample to help you create the perfect resume. Always begin a resume with your contact information. This should include: your full name, permanent (or campus) address, phone number, and email address. Next, you will need to write an objective. This needs to be a concise statement concerning your career goals and how you hope to achieve them.

The third step includes a summary of qualifications. This is recommended for experienced accountants. This section should consist of at least three bullet points of your accomplishments. If there are any qualifications you would like to state up front, such as management skills, examples of leadership, experience with accounting software, etc, they should go in this section.

After qualifications, you can list specific information about your education. The information should be listed in reverse chronological order, starting with the degree. List the information in this order: date of graduation, name of the school(s) you attended, location of the school(s), and any certifications or licenses, such as CPA, CFE, or CIA. After listing this information, mention all of your accounting skills, especially those about which you are most knowledgeable.

Experience and activities come last. For experience, list all of your accomplishments. Begin with the most recent. Place an emphasis on your contributions to the accounting industry, no matter how small they might be. For activities, list everything you have done involving school clubs and professional organizations. Describe your responsibilities and how well you handled them.

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Action Verbs and Keywords

Use action verbs when writing about your accomplishments and skills. These include words such as: distribute, edit, manage, maintain, supervise, examine, oversee, lead, discover, expand, etc. Don’t be afraid to write long sentences describing the nature of your work. For example, ‘I worked as an intern at a large accounting firm’ can be better written as ‘I maintained an internship, assisted senior accountants, and helped review financial records at an established accounting firm.’

As for keywords, it’s important to optimize your resume. Many recruiters screen applications online. You can get an idea of which keywords to use by reading the job description. For example, if you are applying for a job that calls for a ‘junior accountant’ who needs to ‘maintain accounts’ and ‘prepare reports’, include these terms in your resume.

Accountant Resume Sample

Use an accounting resume template to help you create a stylish resume. All you have to do is edit the information to fit your own profile. However, you need to make sure that everything is spelled correctly. Be careful with your spelling and grammar. You will get the best results if everything is presented clearly and professionally.

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