How To Write a Accountant Resume

At first glance, an accountant’s job may seem simple, but a deeper look reveals that a wide range of professional skills are needed to carry out complex and intricate work and analysis. The accounting profession mingles with a wide range of people, from individuals to businesses through to government, and this interaction requires expertise. Understanding what skills are the most valuable to this profession and having a clear idea of the professional opportunities available can be invaluable information when considering a career move.

About Sample Accountant Resumes

Writing a professional resume can be a daunting task. It is necessary for the job applicant to focus on their strongest areas and present their professional background in the most favorable light for future employment. Looking at a sample accountant resume as a point of reference is a smart move for any accountant preparing their resume. Sample resumes can give inspiration on presentation, fonts and style, as well as help the applicant trim away superfluous information and keep their resume concise and to the point.

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How to Write an Accountant Resume

To stand out in the accounting job market is not easy despite the projected growth of this profession. With a wide range of areas an accountant can work within and some fairly substantial differences in salaries, knowing where to focus within the profession is important. A resume is the first point of contact for a potential employer and including the right information so that an applicant stands out from other qualified professionals will certainly affect the chances of gaining a desired job and climbing the professional ladder.

Important information to include in an accountant’s resume is certification, especially if they have a CPA, as this will set them apart in the industry. Further qualifications such as a master’s degree in accounting or business administration may also give an extra advantage. Specialist skills particularly with computers and software are very beneficial in today’s job market and should definitely be mentioned in a resume. However, it is equally important to emphasize communication and interpersonal skills, as accountants are required to work with a broad range of people and these skills are invaluable to a company. Have a look online for an accountant resume sample for some assistance.

Accountant Job Description

An accountant’s job may fit within four specific categories. Management accountants work within a specific company and are responsible for analyzing the financial information within the company. This is necessary for budgeting, planning for new products and even providing stockholder reports. Public accountants focus on tax responsibilities for a company or individual as well as designing accounting systems for companies. Government accountants audit and monitor the government’s (and other public services) budgets, taxes and finances; while internal auditors look for signs of fraud of mismanagement and evaluate the efficiency of company records.

Accountant Salary

Pay for an accountant is directly linked to the number of years they have been actively working within the profession. This profession is projected to keep growing at an exponential rate of 22% over the next 20 years, and so is a smart choice of profession for anyone looking for a stable salary. For an idea of the salary rates, in 2008, the average accountant salary was $65840. A lower end salary working for local government may be $57 490 and a higher end salary working for the federal Executive branch can go as high as $88,190.

The accounting profession is growing exponentially and offers a range of niche areas for people to work within. A concise, professional, well-presented resume containing the right information can be the door to a more fulfilling professional career.

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