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Most people are able to create a standard resume that gives a general picture about what they have accomplished as a person as well as some of their background history. Typically these people use the interview process to really highlight their individual qualities that would make them well suited for the job. In some industries, however, generic resumes are not enough on their own and probably would not entice an employer to offer a first round interview to the applicant.

Catering a resume for a particular industry is appropriate when the position you are applying for requires specialized skills or knowledge. For instance, an individual looking for a career in the accounting segment of the business industry would differentiate their resume from an individual seeking a position as a stockbroker or financial consultant. This article will help to highlight the specific items that should be included in a professional accounting resume.

Tips for a Great Accounting Resume

As with all resumes, there are very basic pieces of information that need to be included. Any resume should incorporate the things that you consider to be your greatest accomplishments in your career or education. Other than that, be sure to include personal contact information, education background, previous relevant work experience and any references that you have.

To make your accounting resume stand apart from others you should include any accounting experience that you have along with the specific accounting education you have received (any higher education degrees earned, certifications or licenses). Make sure that you are only including the information that would make an employer browsing through resumes, remember you specifically. It can be tempting to try to include everything possible into your resume page; However, this can lead to an information overload where the important parts get overshadowed by the sheer amount of information listed.

A great thing to add to an accounting resume is a career profile. This bit of information, listed after the objective, is a personal description of how you see yourself in your professional career. In this section an individual can include information about the areas that they think they excel at. When writing this area you should think about what kinds of traits an employer would value for the particular position and include how you think you exemplify those traits. Make sure that you do not stretch the truth when writing this section; if you say you are a great people person with strong communication skills when you really are not you could have serious problems coping in a position that requires working extensively with others.

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Formatting Your Resume

Professional resume reviewers have different opinions on how you should format resume documents. To get a better visual idea of how to format your resume there are tons of accounting resume samples available online. In general you should list information that occurred more recently first. Also, career experience in the field is typically highly valued and should be listed higher up on the document. A good idea for formatting your accounting resume would be to follow this outline: personal contact information, objective, career profile, career related experience, education background, other relevant information, and professional references.

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