Achievement Resume Writing Tips

An achievement resume can often be the most important information you present to a potential employer. While it isn’t required in all situations, it is an excellent way to attract extra attention to your capability as a possible employee. An achievement resume not only adds to your attractiveness as an asset to the company, it may also cause the potential employer to consider a higher salary right from the beginning.

What are these achievements?

By achievements, you want to list not what you learned during your employment for another company or the skills you gained, but how you benefited the company in some way. It is necessary that you highlight the exact result of the benefit your work provided to the company. For example, you would clearly state that as the result of your efforts, company revenues increased by 7%. You will also need to explain exactly what you did that led to this increase. You also want to clarify these details in a way that is quantitative. If you increased customer satisfaction by 30%, how large was the customer base? Be clear with how you benefited the organization, the steps you took to achieve this, and the proportion to which your results related.

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Make your achievement resume strong

When developing your achievement resume, always avoid terms or phrases that are vague or do not fully describe your achievements. Explicitly describe your accomplishments in a concrete way without over-explaining or going in to detail that is excessive. Potential employers really do not care about rewards or awards you were given, or about the skills or expertise you gained working for a former employer. What they are really interested in is that specific actions you took that resulted in achieving these rewards, and how specifically the outcome of your actions benefited the company.

Examples of clearly expressed achievements

‘ Improved customer satisfaction by providing counter staff with knowledge and skills to quickly resolve customer complaints and inquiries.

‘ Created and recommended various promotions and incentives to potential customers which raised profits through a significant increase in customer base.

An achievement resume often cinches the deal, and helps you gain immediate employment. Potential employers are very impressed when you can offer tangible examples of how your efforts resulted in a positive affect for the company. In sales, this is particularly true. If you can list that you were ‘#1 sales person’ for the organization you worked for, or that you even held this honor repeatedly, you have a huge advantage over other applicants.

Think of it this way: An achievement resume makes you look like a winner, and emphasizes your strong points to potential employers while taking the focus off of any possible complications in your previous employment. Play up your attributes to the fullest, and always think the way you believe the employer would think. Take into consideration that the employer wants to learn about how you can use your skills to make a positive difference for the company, and write your achievement resume with that in mind.

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