Acting Resume Writing Tips

As an actor, it would be a mistake to not give proper consideration to your resume. Your acting resume will act as your first impression and is just as important as your headshot. In most auditions, you will not have more than a minute or two to make a lasting impression. A resume that is handled well will allow casting directors to expect positive things from you before you arrive. Thus, the more time you take to craft your resume properly, the better your chances will be of generating a good first impression.

Before creating your resume, make sure you understand all of the factors of the part that you are trying out for. Consider what type of part it is and which professionals have played the role before you. Also, perform the proper research on the director. What do they normally look for in an actor and how did they choose actors to reflect their own style? All of this information will play a crucial role in helping your casting director to believe that you are perfect for this part.

Things that should be Included in your Acting Resume

A resume is simply a well formatted copy of previous accomplishments. It isn’t necessary to make a complete list of every role you have played, but you should emphasize your most important roles and achievements. If you have played in movies, TV serials, or plays these are the types of things that should be included. Moreover, any formal training you have received in acting is importance and should also be added.

The important thing to remember is to craft a resume that accurately represents you as an actor. The ideal way to do this is to include your most important information in one page that lists your experience, skills and training. Also, create different categories in your resume to provide a proper explanation of your career. Furthermore, include any extracurricular performance skills that you may have such as dancing or gymnastics as well as any awards or honors that you may have received as these could also be necessary crucial skills that are required.

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Dos and Don’ts for Your Acting Resume

We have discussed how important your resume is to your career, so keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to use an acting resume sample as a template to go by. Make sure that your resume reads well, which includes choosing the proper fonts and font size. Your contact information should be correct. Either include a professional headshot in your resume or attach a tiny portfolio of a couple of your best personal shots.

Never lie about your experiences or falsify any education or skills that you list and never create information just to fill an area. You should also never use anything other then an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper to present your resume. Finally, never use paper that is less than high quality or brightly colored. The number one purpose for your resume is to ensure that you get a call back. Because of this, it is important to proofread your resume to ensure that everything is spelled correctly and written in proper grammar.

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