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Acting is a career choice filled with much uncertainty yet for the few that make it big in this industry, the possibilities and paybacks are enormous. There is also plenty of work for those who are not set on superstardom but content to act for the love of the art.

About Sample Actor Resumes

For an actor, the resume is vitally important as the film and movie industry is extremely competitive. Looking up a sample actor resume online is a smart move that will help an aspiring actor get a good oversight of what to include in their resume. For the seasoned actor it can give fresh inspiration for changing a resume to draw more attention to career highlights and important achievements. Actors can have a detailed work history so it is important to only include the best jobs in the resume.

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How to Write an Actor Resume

A good first step to writing a resume for an actor is to look online for some sample templates and some information on what to include in the resume. Tailoring the resume specifically towards the larger movie studies may not be the wisest move as independent and small filmmakers are more likely to employ new actors. Including information on training and formal qualifications is always important, however for an actor, it is equally important to express creativity, talent and to prove past experience within the profession to have the winning edge.

Including contact information is important as well as details of any agent or union that may be representing the actor. The most efficient way to list past employment is with subheadings that covers the different areas of acting. These may include T.V., commercials and advertising, Theater and Stage work, and voice acting. Details of honors or awards are vital information in the acting industry and must certainly be included as this may give distinct advantages over other job applicants. It is also a good idea to include information on any membership to professional actor guilds.

Actor Job Description

The job of acting does have some physical demands on the actor. Weather conditions can vary when filming outside or on location and long hours spent under floodlights can take a toll on the body. The actor’s job however is varied, exciting, and often glamorized. Actors may work in a variety of areas such as radio, Broadway and theater shows, motion pictures, television programs and commercials, even theme parks or cruise lines. There is also a whole field of employment available in teaching drama and acting.

Actor Salary

The salary for an actor may not seem very high, as work can be erratic, unless working on a television or radio series. The range of salaries will also vary depending on the fame and status of the actor. Hollywood A listers can earn in the millions of dollars, and beginning actors and many others in the industry need to work other jobs to help with income. However, in 2008, an average earning for an actor was $29.05 per hour. Pay can depend on union affiliation, the kind of work undertaken, and education and experience in the industry.

Despite the uncertainties, acting can be a rewarding and fulfilling career that offers much more than simply financial rewards. For those who really excel in the industry, the promise of fame and glamour awaits.

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