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An actress’s career can be filled with uncertainty as well as outside influences they may have no control over, such as weather conditions, which can affect outside shoots. The career of an actress is epitomized as being full of glamour, red carpet events, and for the few that make it in Hollywood in the blockbuster films, international fame. However, not everyone reaches the higher level of stardom in the acting world. It is important to know what to expect in the acting profession and know where to look for possible specialist work.

About Sample Actress Resumes

In such a competitive profession, a resume holds a lot of weight. It is vital therefore to include the most appropriate information in a concise yet creative manner to gain the winning edge over other job applicants. Reusing the same resume is not a good idea, so a good starting point is to find some sample actress resumes online and use them as a starting point to completely rewrite the resume. Sample resumes will give good ideas of which facts to include and which content to trim.

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How to Write an Actress Resume

Contact information is among the first that should be included in an actress’s resume. It is a good idea to create an email address specifically for job queries and application and include this in the resume. Listing the agent or any agency that represents the actress is also important and information regarding any acting associations, unions or guilds that the actress belongs to should be included. It is important that although a resume needs to be professional, it also accurately represent an actress’s creative side too.

Creative ideas can be shown through the presentation and layout of the resume. As long as it maintains a professional look, creativity can help a resume stand out from other applications. Listing achievements, awards and special recognition given is a crucial element for an actress’s resume. Employment history should also be laid out clearly under different subheadings such as radio, T.V. and film. It is better to choose career highlights however as an actress may have an extensive employment history.

Actress Job Description

An actress may be involved in a wide variety of areas. Larger film studios however tend to hire better known actresses in order to fill seats at the theater. A novice actress has a better chance of being hired by an indie or independent filmmaker. Other work possibilities include Television, commercials, Broadway and theater productions. Voice acting is a larger area in itself, including voiceovers for animated films and radio work as well as audio books.

Actress Salary

Work is not always available on a consistent basis, which can affect the annual income of an actress. Jobs may be short in time frame with long unemployment in between and therefore fierce competition for jobs exists. Many actresses take second jobs in other areas to supplement income. An hourly rate of $29.05 was listed as an average wage for an actress in 2008 but obviously, this rate would vary greatly depending on the fame of the actress. Hollywood celebrities can earn in the millions of dollars.

The acting profession can be filled with uncertainty but for many that is part of the allure. For a creative person with a love for the Arts, acting can be a fulfilling career choice. Success in acting does not solely depend on becoming a Hollywood celebrity but landing roles that give a satisfying outlet for an actress’s creativity.

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