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For anyone living in hurricane territory or other areas often battered by natural disasters, becoming a claims adjuster would be an ideal choice of profession. Demand will always remain for claims adjusters in these areas as well as in the health insurance industry and the natural flow of the workforce into other professions or retirement means there are jobs continually opening up in this profession. Competition for jobs is stiff however, so having a resume that sets apart a strong applicant is extremely valuable.

About Sample Adjuster Resumes

Submitting a resume that shows experience and appropriate qualifications is essential for an adjuster as competition is strong within this industry. The main reason is that people stay in these jobs for long times often retiring into this profession from other jobs in law enforcement and the military, so job opportunities are not always frequent. However, by creating a highly effective resume, it is possible to gain an edge over other applicants. Have a look online for some adjuster resume sample that can provide some insight into how to properly format and style a resume.

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How to Write an Adjuster Resume

Nearly every state requires licensing for claims adjusters, which usually includes passing an exam and some necessary study beforehand. This qualification is essential information in an adjuster resume. Looking up sample adjuster resumes online will give a clear idea of which skills to highlight above others. One skill set that sets an applicant apart from the rest is familiarity with technology, computers and software as the efficiency of technology is changing the face of the insurance industry.

Include details of any college education, especially majors in business, legal and medical backgrounds and details of any licensing gained as an adjuster or examiner. Competition is stiff as the caliber of person applying for these jobs is generally very qualified. Details of experience within this industry are also of prime importance as well as any experience within related fields of insurance. Demonstrating interpersonal skills is also essential for carrying out the job effectively.

Adjuster Job Description

Claims adjusters are responsible for planning and scheduling the work involved in processing an insurance claim. Adjusters are also involved in onsite inspection of damaged property and goods and gather evidence including interviewing claimants and associated professionals such as the police, reviewing hospital and legal records and deciding how much the company will pay for the claim. In some companies, adjusters check that claims are being handled appropriately.

Adjuster Salary

Claims adjusters, examiners and investigators earned an average wage of $26.12 per hour in 2008 (or an average salary of $58,780) slightly below the average wage of $26.81. The recession hit the insurance industry hard resulting in losses however, the salary or wage is predicted to grow by 3% over the ten-year period of 2008 ‘ 2018. Larger insurance carriers include benefits like retirement plans and bonuses with their salary packages but smaller companies do not.

The profession of an adjuster can be very rewarding offering a lot of interaction with the public and the satisfaction of helping people in times of crisis. With the exception of a public adjuster who can be hired to help claimants in their fight against the insurance company, claims adjusters work for the benefit of the insurance company and need to keep that focus as their prime motivation in decision making regarding claims.

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