Administrative Support Resume Writing Tips

An administrative support resume needs to be specific to the job you are applying for. With this in mind it may be necessary to use an administrative support resume sample or template to make sure that it is formatted correctly. It is also important that your resume contains only relevant information. Therefore, you should be knowledgeable on the skills that are required by the position. Always include any relevant experience and highlight that in your resume. You can include other jobs however; the information that is important is the details of those jobs so that your employer will understand that you have the skills that are required.

In an administrative support position, the job will most likely require you to be of direct assistance to the manager. As a result, your prospective employer will want to know that you are skilled with letter writing, attention to detail and correspondence with other coworkers. Furthermore, it will also be important to your employer that you can create a professional document that is free of errors.

Formatting Your Administrative Support Resume

Begin your resume by including your current contact information such as your name, address, telephone number and e-mail. Provide an objective statement that describes your career goals and intentions with the company. Next, include your skills that are relevant to your position. This will most likely be skills such as typing speed, ability to coordinate, office management, and software proficiency. Finally, include your employment history. List only the previous positions that are relevant. Include the company name, date of employment, and a detailed description of your duties.

Finally, the last section of your resume is for your educational background. It’s perfectly acceptable to go back as far as high school, but only include information that is relevant to the position. Begin this section with your most recent degrees and qualifications. List the university or college you attended, the dates, and the specific degree that you earned. Work your way backwards chronologically and remember to include other educations or training that you may have received provided that the information is valuable to your potential employer.

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Proofreading Your Administrative Support Resume

When you are comfortable with the resume you have created, proofread it thoroughly. If necessary, use a dictionary and never use words that you don’t fully understand. Don’t rely on the spell-check function in your word processor entirely. You must also read your resume to check for words that are misused such as ‘too’ instead of ‘to’. Also, check for proper punctuation. Make sure each full sentence has a period at the end and avoid exclamation points.

Lastly, take notes on grammatical mistakes as well. Capitalize all of your proper nouns and be aware of the tenses used with in your resume. For example words to explain duties that you currently perform should be in the present tense and words that describe the duties that you performed in the past should be described with a past tense.

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