Advertising Resume Writing Tips

For those wishing to create an advertising resume, it is necessary to word it carefully as it is most likely going to be used for a very important position. Cover all of your abilities, skills, attributes, and career goals in the resume. It should also include a personal statement that highlights achievements in your career by detailing how your previous employers benefited by your excellent skill. Furthermore, the value that you provided to previous companies is also important to mention.

In the advertising field, a resume is typically created using the Times new Roman Font. Also, while most professions recommend a one-page resume; an advertising resume should cover the majority of your work history and is therefore acceptable if it is longer than three pages. Because of the length of this type of resume, avoid all fluff and filler and just use concise, detailed information in the shortest manner possible.

What to Include in Your Advertising Resume

At the top of the resume it is necessary to include full contact information such as your name, address, phone number and e-mail. The next section should be your objective statement that gives a brief overview of your knowledge, experience and skill in advertising. Examples for this area would include media that you have worked with such as television, radio, and Internet and promotions that you were involved in.

Next, include a professional synopsis that will give detailed information about your responsibilities in this field. Mention all of your duties including creative works that you have done in specific ads or campaigns. In this section it is possible to also include awards that have been received. Include all of your major responsibilities in previous positions such as activity coordination, sales or graphic arts. If you are having trouble, it is possible to locate an advertising resume sample or template online for guidance.

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Other Details That Should Be Covered in Your Advertising Resume

Your resume must also include an academic section that details your educational achievements such as degrees or awards. Following this, include professional qualifications and work history. All of your previous jobs should be listed to show that you have impressive credentials. Include your entire advertising work experience regardless of how old; try to avoid showing gaps in the work history. If you find that there are large gaps between positions, try to provide an explanation for the gap by explaining other things that you were involved in.

Next, include your knowledge in media and communication as well as a sales and marketing section in your resume. Be sure to mention marketing strategies and tactics that you are confident in. In an advertising resume, technical skills are also beneficial. If you have worked with industry-standard software applications, explain this in detail. Try to show your prospective employer how this generated revenue. Finally list all of your activities that you participated in while involved in organizations or other professional affiliations and always use terms that are relevant to advertising in your descriptions such as: targeted advertising, internal communications, or contextual advertising to name a few.

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