Advocate Resume Writing Tips

An advocate is simply another term for an attorney and the role they carry out in society representing one of two sides in a trial. The role of an advocate is central to society. Having someone stand up for justice and defend those unable to represent themselves is an admirable role in society.

About Sample Advocate Resumes

With an investment of seven years for the official training, four years as an undergraduate and three years at law school, finding the right position once graduated is essential. A resume is in many ways a sales letter selling the skills and previous experience of the applicant and highlighting specific reasons why they would best fit the advertised position. Referring to a sample advocate resume online is the best way to ensure an applicant has presented the most important information applicable to the position.

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How to Write an Advocate Resume

Referring to a sample resume will highlight the importance of sub headings to give a resume a natural flow for the reader and a clear organization. Appropriate subheadings include, summary; work experience, with relevant responsibilities in bullet points; education, where details of undergraduate degrees plus law majors can be included; certificates and licenses; memberships; and finally skills.

Other skills to include within an advocate resume are reasoning and debating skills which are essential in the courtroom setting. Involvement in public speaking or debating clubs is also beneficial and should be referenced within the resume. Thinking quickly and speaking persuasively is paramount for trial lawyers. Making an effort to display a broad background of interests will stand an applicant’s resume in more favor than a resume where the applicant has only focused on a few limited areas of expertise.

Advocate Job Description

The main role of an advocate is representing a side in a trial. This involves the need to gather evidence and present it before the court through debate and public speaking. Consulting with clients about legal rights and obligations plays an important role in the advocate’s job as well as recommending possible solutions to business or personal legal problems. Trial lawyers research, interview people relevant to the trial and prepare for trials. Yet other lawyers help clients file for licenses, work to defend copyright breaches and advise insurance companies.

Advocate Salary

All new attorneys start on a salary. Partners that are more senior are partial owners in the firm and some are self-employed. The average salary for advocates according to a recent survey was $110, 590. Lawyers working within management of companies earned the highest salaries averaging $145,770 with the lowest salaries being paid to lawyers working in local government, for an average salary of $78,540. More experienced attorneys of course may earn far more depending on their experience and size of the firm employing them. Bonuses for all advocates include health & life insurance.

The financial rewards for a profession as an advocate draws many applicants to these positions. Lawyers are needed in nearly every aspect of society and life and so demand for qualified advocates remains high. Although the work can be pressured with long hours required, the average salary compensates for these conditions.

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