How to follow up after an interview

Here you will find some useful information about how to follow up after an interview as well as tips that will be very helpful for you.

What is a follow-up interview?

A follow up interview is nothing more or less the way that an employer has to demonstrate that is interested in you and your skills. This interview is more delicate than the first because that was a general interview and follow-up interview will be more specific. When the employer calls you for the second interview, ask him what are the topic you will speak and if you need any other document. This interview may be the final, so be careful! And try to not spoil everything.

If you wonderhow to follow up after an interview, following, you will find some follow-up interview tips that could be useful for you.

Write a thank you note

To write a thank you note, you must be brief and thanks the opportunity that the interviewer provided you, you should also mention the working position in which you are interested.

It is also advisable to write that you would like to call the interviewer in a week to see if made €‹€‹a decision. Write and send the note just when you get home after the interview in order that the interviewer will not forget you.

If you are not interested in the job

If you are not interested in the job, you will most likely think there is no point in sending a thank you letter. However, it is always a good idea to contact the company to let them know you are no longer interested in the job, yet you are grateful for their time. Politeness costs nothing.

Write a thank you note or send a personal email to everyone you met in the interview

In this way, the workers of the company will know that you are a kind and appreciative person. In addition, you will be best known for possible future calls.

Do not call or send messages on Mondays

As you probably know, Monday is one of the worse days of the week. So, try not to do anything on Mondays.

Review sample thank you notes if you’re not sure what to write

If you are thinking about sending a thank you message or note, but you do not know what to write, it is advisable to review a sample thank you note that could guide you.

Below, there is an example of a thank you note that can be useful for you.

Dear Ms Johnson.

I turn again to thank you for the job interview we had the day …………………………. in which we talk about my experience as………………………………………………………………………………………………………

I would like also to reiterate my strong interest to be part of your company, as I believe that the philosophy of the company is fully consistent with my style of work. In the same mode, I feel qualified to perform any function that helps your company achieve its goals.

Awaiting further news, I appreciate the interest shown in my candidacy and I remain at your disposal for your next meeting.


Thomas Stephenson.