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Agents exist in different industries in order to market and promote clients to potential employers and will often handle the contract negotiations and other business details involved with the contract. Professional athletes, artists, actors, musicians and singers all require the services of an agent. The industry is set to increase in the decade of 2008 – 2018.

About Sample Agent Resumes

In an industry where landing a celebrity or a professional athlete a lucrative contract could launch a career, competition amongst agents is fierce. Knowing how to sell the right skills in a professional and engaging manner is important when crafting a resume. Therefore looking up sample agent resumes online is a wise move, which will give a good framework for the agent to form their resume around. Taking similar subheadings as found in the sample resume is a good way to ensure no vital information is excluded.

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How to Write an Agent Resume

A bachelor’s degree or higher is the basic requirement coupled with work experience. So details of qualifications and education should be included but more especially work experience should be highlighted within the resume. For a sports agent or scout, knowledge of the sport is paramount and experience as a coach, referee or umpire should be included in the resume. Interpersonal skills should be mentioned but more especially experience within the sport or the relevant industry will carry the most weight.

Listing responsibilities and specific achievements gained on behalf of a client is good information to include within the resume. More specifically noting monetary figures gives good evidence to back up the skills being listed. Negotiating skills are important for an agent as well as the ability to act discreetly. Often an agent will handle day to day scheduling for celebrities, so management skills, strong communication, and organizational skills are relevant information to include within the resume.

Agent Job Description

In the realm of sports, an agent or scout must evaluate skill level of the athletes before being able to secure contracts for them. At the professional sports level, agents tend to work as freelance scouts. For a talent agent, securing auditions and negotiating terms of the contract satisfactory to both parties is an important part of the job. A talent agent needs contacts within the industry and the ability to set future career goals for the client in order to manage their career path effectively. An agent may also be required to give press releases on behalf of their client.

Agent Salary

The average hourly wage in 2009 was $42.04 giving an average salary of $87, 430 per annum. There is some differences in pay depending on which profession an agent is representing. Agents for celebrities and other public figures as well as athletes earn higher wages at $47.03 per hour as an average. Professional scouts who represent entire teams can make more money with the top 10% earning a salary of $62,660 but on the professional and national levels, they would earn much more.

Representing talented individuals and helping build the career of another can be a very satisfying career. For those who enjoy the thrill of winning, negotiating and representing true talent, becoming an agent would be a satisfying job choice.

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