Aide Resume Writing Tips

With the baby boomer population aging, the demand for qualified occupational and physical therapy aides and assistants is increasingly making this an attractive job opportunity for many. In addition, aides receive most of their training within the job setting saving on education costs and they do not require licensing or an associate’s degree as assistants do. The only downside is there are a large number of qualified applicants applying for these jobs. More than ever applicants need to stand out from the crowd if they hope to break into this industry.

About Sample Aide Resumes

With stiff competition for both occupational aide positions and physical therapy aide positions the cutting edge for an applicant often comes down to the resume they present. Looking up a sample aide resume will give an applicant a clear idea of the main structure to follow when constructing their resume. Individual flair can be added afterwards such as including unusual skill sets like proof of physical fitness, stamina and strength as the work can be very physically demanding. Sometimes including unusual skills can help a resume stand out from the rest and show that the applicant has carefully considered what is needed for the job.

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How to Write an Aide Resume

Including details of qualifications is of paramount importance for a resume. An occupational therapist aide resume should include details of a high school diploma while demonstrating an interest in people and good interpersonal skills. Other valuable information to include in a resume is details of any volunteer work undertaken as this proves a core desire towards the job as well as demonstrating initiative and going beyond what is expected. Teamwork is important and highlighting personality traits such as compassion is invaluable.

Because competition is stiff for aide jobs any proof of qualifications or certificates higher than high school diploma will have an advantage. Demand is rising for aide jobs and prospects are good however, competition is keen amongst those who hold high school diplomas. Putting some creativity into a resume and including extras such as any volunteer work completed in hospitals, nursing homes or physical or occupational therapy offices should be of prime importance when writing a resume.

Aide Job Description

Aids, whether occupational therapist aides or physical therapist aides, work under an occupational therapist or physical therapist. They are involved in rehabilitation for people with mental, physical and emotional impairments. An occupational therapist aide will help prepare equipment before a patient’s session and handle a wide range of admin tasks and paperwork. Physical therapist aides assist with helping a patient regain physical abilities such as walking. The duties of aides are more restricted than assistants.

Aide Salary

According to a recent survey, the average wage of an occupational therapist aide was $26, 960. The higher level salary was $33, 340. The average wage for a physical therapist aide in 2008 was $23, 760. The majority earned between $19, 910 and $28, 670. The highest earnings were $33, 540. Physical therapist aides working in nursing care facilities earned 42, 630. Because both the occupational therapist aide and physical therapist aide positions can be part time, income can be supplemented with second jobs.

The future is bright for job outlook for aides. For anyone who genuinely cares about people and holds at least a high school diploma, considering a career as an aide would be a perfect choice.

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