Air Force Resume Writing Tips

For those creating an Air Force resume, it is vital to understand the importance of wording and coherent structure. Powerful action words that are used to describe your soft skills, or skill to describe your work ethic and how you interact with others, will be among the most important criteria that will be looked at. It is crucial that all of your previous experience be documented as carefully as possible as the military is very vigilant about checking such things.

Your prospective employer will also be concerned with you showing respect for the Air Force by submitting a cover letter with your resume. Your cover letter should clearly state the position that you are applying for and how you became aware of the position. Furthermore, you must discuss why you feel you should be considered. You must word your cover letter very carefully as you do not want your new employer to feel as if you did not enjoy your previous or current position with the armed forces. Explain why you would be ideal but do not include information that will be included in your resume.

Proper Air Force Resume Guidelines

Begin your resume by summarizing your qualifications. You will need to give details on the number of years you have served and how you served. State the core skills that you have and highlight them in a way that your new employer will see how they are appropriate to the new position you are applying for. Next, create a small section for your accomplishments and achievements. This should include training that you have received, and organization of personnel if applicable. Always lists accomplishments that you feel were above and beyond the call of duty.

After that, you will need to provide a section concerning your experience as a professional in the Air Force. Start with your most recent, current position and work backwards. Properly document your rise in rank and include details for each responsibility that you held. Finally, include your education section. In this section you will discuss all of your achievements in your educational areas from your most recent to what you accomplished in high school. Furthermore, in this section you should mention qualifications and other training that you received while being in the armed forces.

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Important Details to Include in Your Air Force Resume

Your prospective Air Force employer will be extremely interested in your ability to work as part of a team. Being a team player is important in the Air Force as you may be assigned to projects that are collaborative. Also, your potential employer will be interested in your flexibility for multitasking. In the Air Force it may be just as important to be skilled in more than one area as it is to be specialized in just one skill. The reason for this is because it shows your willingness to tackle new assignments.

Furthermore, your potential employer is also interested in how well you handle details. You will need to show that you can be trusted and are meticulous about the work that you accomplish. This will imply that you can act independently. For further assistance, consider using an air force resume sample online for guidance.

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