Animator Resume Writing Tips

Animation is a popular industry for artists and creative people. However, employment with mainstream studies is not easy to land and the six major motion picture studios often outsource work to smaller independent companies. Therefore, the majority of animators and artists are self-employed freelancers. This means competition is fierce to win contracts, and income cannot be guaranteed with some earning higher salaries than paid artists earn and others struggling to survive.

About Sample Animator Resumes

As with any of the arts, animation attracts many qualified people so creating a resume that stands out and effectively communicates artistic ability, originality and creativity is more essential than ever before. Along with a resume, an animator should put together their own portfolio of favorite as well as varied works they have created to give a good idea of their range of ability and their creative diversity. When creating a resume for a job, looking up sample animator resumes online is the best way to guarantee a resume that is unique and stands out from the crowd.

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How to Write an Animator Resume

Always model a resume on a sample professional resume, as it will show how to trim excess information and keep the resume concise and to the point. Qualifications are expected in this industry because there is a level of technical expertise required to carry out the work. Therefore, details of qualifications are important information to include. Generally, this qualification is expected to be a bachelor’s degree. Skill is also demonstrated in the portfolio, which should be submitted along with the resume and is an essential part of a job application in this industry.

When writing a resume, if appropriate skills are lacking, applying for an internship may be worth considering as this gives an animator opportunity to increase the samples for their portfolio. One thing galleries and clients are always seeking is unique talent and creativity that stands out from the normal submitted work and this should be clearly demonstrated in any resume. Mastery of specific skills and diversity of skills, perhaps overlapping in other areas increases employability and should be highlighted within a resume along with explanation of why those skills are an advantage.

Animator Job Description

The job of an animator involves creating the special effects that go into motion pictures, television computers and other electronic devices, and this can include creating animations, such as seen in animated films on the big screen. The use of technology is important as they draw by hand first and then input it with computers. Creating storyboard is an important role for animators that can even be used not only for story telling but also for advertising companies to evaluate proposed ads. Some work will be collaborating with programmers to bring the pictures to life.

Animator Salary

For an animator the average salary can vary from $41,710 to $77,010 and as high as $100,390 for the highest earning 10%. One downside to becoming an animator is it can take time to become known in the industry and to build up a portfolio of published work which is essential for gaining new contracts. Many animators freelance on the side in addition to full time employment in another vocation until they are established. Animators that can specialize are more likely to make higher incomes.

Animated films along with the demand for game consoles and realistic 3D rendered video games, ensures that there will remain a demand for talented animators. In fact, demand is even reaching into more conventional areas such as research, design, and the sciences where animation can bring concepts and plans to life.

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