Apology Letter for Missing an Interview

It’s good manners to make amends when you’ve missed an appointment. When that appointment is a job interview, you’re talking about a missed opportunity and a blow to your professional reputation. While even the busiest hiring managers understand that circumstances can interrupt schedules, what they won’t overlook is a disregard of business etiquette.An apology letter for missing an interview is the best step to reestablishing your integrity.

Why Write An Apology Letter for Missing an Interview?

Your apology letter will minimize the harm caused by missing the interview and shows you have the moral character that hiring managers want. When you take responsibility for your actions, you show that you have a high regard for others and how your behavior affects them. That demonstrates an exceptional degree of customer service. And whether you’re interviewing for a job on a loading dock, at a medical clinic, or in the boardroom, every position requires a high level of customer service.

What You Need to Do

The first step is a phone call. Whether it’s because the train is running late or you discover three days earlier you have a conflicting appointment, once you’re aware you’re going to miss the interview, call the hiring manager immediately. Leave a message or send a quick email. This ensures the hiring manager knows moments after you do. Be sure to speak with the hiring manager or their assistant at some point before the scheduled interview to confirm they have the message. You will likely get another interview.Your next move is to write the apology letter for missing an interview, even if the hiring manager understands the situation and even if they’ve rescheduled. Keep the letter brief and formal. Open with the apology, include the details, and thank them for understanding. If they set a new interview, express your appreciation, even if the letter will be read after the new interview.

A Last Note About Apology Letters for Missing an Interview

Building character and reputation should extend to all professional contacts, whether you’re going to work with them or not. If you accept an offer while you have pending interviews, call each hiring manager, cancel, and send an apology letter for missing the interview.If you really want to get that interview, use Resume Builder. It will ensure hiring managers see you in the most professional and best light.

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