Appraiser Resume Writing Tips

The availability of jobs for appraisers is directly related to the health of the economy. In times of recession demand for appraises decreases. However as long as insurance companies exist, there will always be some demand for appraisers to handle the claims.

About Sample Appraiser Resumes

Looking up a sample appraiser resume online will give a clear guideline which can be used as a template, for creating a succinct, professional resume. A first glance at a sample resume will show that laying out information under specific subheadings is a great way to organize the resume. A wide variety of layouts and presentation can be seen in the samples, but all samples appear professional and are easy to skim read, an important point to factor in when creating a resume.

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How to Write an Appraiser Resume

The sections to use in an appraiser resume are personal data where personal information and contact details are listed; summary of qualifications; work experience where responsibilities should be listed in a bullet point manner; education and qualifications; certificates and licenses; professional memberships; and lastly, additional skills such as language or computer skills. Areas where appraisal coverage has been carried out can be included along with the necessary referees contact detail or appropriate references.

Skills to highlight within a resume for an appraiser are math skills, analytical skills and detail orientation. An appraiser must be self motivated and self directed with work, yet able to interact with the public and clients during the course of their work. Advisors tend to climb the ladder starting as a trainee and as they qualify through experience and licensing, eventually aim for senior appraiser. Details of any areas of specialty, or dominance within a region can give a distinctive edge and should be mentioned in the resume.

Appraiser Job Description

Appraisers work within the insurance industry but may also work within real estate where they estimate property market prices for mortgages, insurance, taxes and developments. Insurance appraisers handle claims for insurance companies, generally regarding property damages, bodily injury, and liability claims. It is the appraiser’s job to gather all facts and make a determination on the payout of the claim. They must have knowledge of state and federal laws so as not to violate policy holder’s rights. People skills are essential as are analytical and investigative skills.

Appraiser Salary

The median annual wages of appraisers and assessors of real estate were $47,370 according to a recent BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) survey. The middle 50 percent earned between $34,330 and $66,640. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $25,900, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $88,680. Median annual wages of those working for local governments were $43,550. The median annual wages of those working in activities related to real estate were $47,890. Earnings for independent-fee appraisers can vary significantly because they are paid fees on a per appraisal basis.

Each state has differing requirements for appraisers to be licensed to practice. A bachelor’s degree is often the minimum requirement. Show an aptitude in math, finance, business and real estate law and economics can also put an applicant on a strong footing.

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