Apprentice Resume Writing Tips

Apprenticeships are offered across a variety of industries ranging from electricians though to opticians through to watchmakers. In fact, any occupation that is learned through the job, consists of learning manual, technical or mechanical skills and needs at the least 2,000 hours of work experience may be registered as an apprenticeship. In fact, there are 858 choices of professions for an apprentice to choose from, where they will grow into their career through hands on training and formal teaching.

About Sample Apprentice Resumes

With the availability of computers, there is little reason an apprentice resume should not be formatted on a computer and printed out or even emailed electronically to give a professional and modern feel to the resume. In the past, apprenticeship positions were given to those with family in the industry, but apprenticeships are now judged on work characteristics and are very competitive with more applicants than available places. Looking up a sample apprentice resume will help an applicant create a resume that cuts through the competition.

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How to Write an Apprentice Resume

Writing an effective resume requires knowledge of the requirements for the apprenticeship program. The company sponsoring the apprenticeship usually decides on the requirements, however generally an applying apprentice will be ranked on their skills, their work experience and their training and qualifications. Including information on any pre apprenticeship program completed, within the resume, will give a distinct advantage to the applicant. Proof of a high school diploma should also be included.

Even where no high school diploma is necessary, showing an aptitude in general subjects such as Math, English and Science is a good idea in an apprentice resume. Because apprenticeship programs can take from one to six years, any experiences that demonstrates motivation over a sustained period of time, as well as a keen interest in the field the applicant is interested in, will be essential information for the resume. Referring to a sample resume will give a good skeleton to follow for the layout and order of the information to be included.

Apprentice Job Description

An apprenticeship consists of on the job training in very practical areas of the job as well as training that is more formal and instruction in a classroom type setting. In an apprenticeship such as an electrician, the skill levels taught begin with the basics such as how to install wires and progress steadily under the guidance of a more senior qualified electrician. Construction apprentices, one of the most common, require strong math skills. Physical endurance and strength is needed for metalworkers and service technicians will learn how to install and maintain equipment, electronics and machinery. Work responsibilities depend entirely upon the industry of the apprenticeship.

Apprentice Salary

An apprentice usually starts on minimum wage and as they acquire skills and experience within the industry, their pay will increase, often every few months. An apprentice can expect to earn double the scale that they begin on by the time they are fully qualified. One of the appealing aspects of an apprenticeship is that the apprentice earns a full-time wage while receiving training for the job. Some of the highest overall wages are paid to electricians, elevator repairers and carpenters all of which offer apprenticeships earning approximately $48, 540. In industries with labor shortages, wages have increased dramatically.

Apprenticeships offer a paid path to a career that equips the apprentice practically to carry out every aspect of the job. In a world of expensive higher education, apprenticeships offer an appealing alternative.

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