How To Write a Architect Resume

Architecture is not only a creative profession but also one that requires accurate planning and an eye for detail. It is a profession that allows creative output as well as people interaction and the satisfaction of following a project through from conception to finish. As a profession, there are qualifications needed as well as other skills that allow for success within the job.

About Sample Architect Resumes

In a competitive and well paying industry such as architecture, a professional, well-presented resume can make a big difference in gaining employment. Looking up sample architect resumes online gives a point of reference for updating a resume and making it more current. Sample resumes also help clarify which information should be included. For example, computers are being more utilized for drawing plans so proficiency with computers will give a distinct advantage.

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How to Write an Architect Resume

One essential thing to include is information regarding licensing and qualifications. Architects need to have obtained a degree in architecture in order to qualify for licensing. Details of the internship can also be included and detail of any classes or education postgraduate which has served to keep the applicant on the cutting edge of the architecture profession. Experience in an architecture firm will give an edge. Above all though a resume should effectively express creativity.

Skills that are essential to an architect are communication skills for interacting with clients and this includes speaking and writing. More importantly however is the ability to communicate ideas and creativity visually, in order to convey design concepts to the client. Computer skills should be highlighted within an architect’s resume as this is increasingly coming to the forefront in architecture especially with drawing the plans, although paper and pencil will remain a popular choice for architects.

Architect Job Description

An architect’s job primarily is to design buildings of all kinds. This requires consulting with clients on their wishes and factoring those wishes into the design and the plans for the buildings, whether houses offices, churches or schools. The architect is also responsible for the safety and viability of the building and how it will fit with the environment around it. The architect will often be involved with the actual building of the design. The drawings include plans of electricity, ventilation and plumbing.

Architect Salary

The average annual salary for an Architect was estimated at $76,750 according to a recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pay may vary depending on the specific area the architect works within, for example, a chief architect will earn more than an entry-level architect. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics shows that for 2009 the salaries within the architecture industry ranged from $41,320 and $119,220. Self-employment offers the allure of greater income potential but lacks other benefits that may be offered by larger companies.

The majority of jobs for architects are within small firms and at least a fifth are self-employed. The industry is growing at a fast rate, however having a resume that sets the applicant apart will ensure the best jobs are won and a satisfying career ensues.

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