Army Resume Writing Tips

Individuals looking to make a transition from the military world to private industry need to create a stunning resume that will translate the knowledge and capabilities that they learned in the previous line of work to the civilian sector. One problem that a lot of veterans have is describing their military experience into terms that civilians can understand. There is a huge difference between jargon commonly used in the military and language that makes sense in the private sector. Translating your military experience in a way that highlights your achievements is absolutely key to creating a resume that makes potential employers interested in your abilities.

Army Resume Tips

Besides particular knowledge and skills learned in their time in the army, the biggest thing that army veterans should emphasize is their leadership experience. The military is well known for its ability to take regular people and turning them into respected individuals that others look up to and follow without question. The biggest thing that should be included in an army resume should be the leadership qualities that the particular individual has learned and perfected during their time in the military.

After addressing the leadership aspect of the resume, individuals creating these kinds of resumes need to address the differences between military language and civilian language. Resume writers should try their best to describe their achievements in terms that civilians can easily understand. If there is not an easy way to change the language then resume writers should include notes on what the particular words or phrases mean. This is especially helpful when trying to explain what a particular rank, award, or certification translates to in terms of the private sector.

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Things to Include in an Army Resume

Army resume writers need to include all of the basic information that regular resume writers would include. The difference comes in the fact that military resume writers need to explain what they did during their service in a way that shows whoever is reading the resume how the individual would perform in a different environment, such as an office.

Resume writers can translate activities, such as being an officer in charge of a unit, in a way that shows the individual’s managerial and delegation capabilities. A great suggestion for doing this would be for the writer to get creative and imagine how their work in the military would be defined in a job outside of the military. Resume readers are looking for skills and abilities that translate across industries and sectors and make individuals great workers regardless of the situation that they are working in.

Army resumes need to include a mission statement or a self-assessment statement that defines what the individual is looking for in a job and picks out what they think makes them a great worker. The resume should also include qualifications, computer skills, work history, and education. If you are struggling with writing an army resume there are a lot of resources available online that give excellent examples of army resumes.

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