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Artists looking to write a resume to define their skills and abilities are at a disadvantage from the beginning. Art is obviously something that is visually perceived and typically cannot be easily defined in conventional language and certainly not in the small amount of space allotted for resumes. Even with the drawback that comes with art resumes, individuals can successfully create a resume that highlights their abilities, skills, and achievements as an artist that can potentially land them a great art-based career.


Education is a very important thing to include in an art resume. While there are a lot of other things that hold equal and sometimes greater importance, education is something that is well respected in the art world. Individuals who are educated in various artistic techniques and with art history have an advantage because most companies that require artists for various reasons place a value on individuals that are educated in that area. The reason behind this is that these individuals are able to easily understand and communicate with other individuals through art jargon and techniques without requiring detailed instructions that take more time than some companies are willing to invest in training newly hired workers.

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If you do not have formalized training or education as an artist then there are other items you should include in an art resume to help you stand out to companies you are interested in working for. Artists should include any prizes or awards that they have earned from their work. You should avoid including every award ever received since this can lead to creating a cluttered resume; instead pick out your highest achievements and include small but detailed explanations as to why these recognitions for your work have helped to expand your artistic career.


In addition to awards or recognitions for your work, you will need to include any places that your art has been exhibited. You should make distinctions between exhibitions that are open to all artists and exhibitions that include only artists that were personally invited to display their works. If you were invited to show your work at a particularly well-regarded exhibit but were unable to for whatever reason you can also include a section that informs readers about this. Exhibit invitations are often comparable to awards and recognitions for work and can speak to the skills of the artist and how much attention they have received for their work.

Additional Tips for Art Resumes

Art resume writers should include any other information that highlights their skills as an artist. You can include the particular mediums you use to create art and the different styles of art that you generally create. Another key bit of information to include is any past experience you having actually working as an artist. You will also want to include any professional affiliations such as organizations or art groups you are involved with, especially organizations that require invitations to join their ranks. If you are finding it difficult to write an art resume you can check out various online sites that feature examples of art resumes to help writers with this process.

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