Artist Resume Writing Tips

The title ‘artist’ covers a wide range of career opportunities. From fine art restoration to commercial and graphic arts, the need for artists is growing rapidly. In this field, talent and education are equally important. Art restorers require a graduate degree in art history while commercial and graphic artists usually train at trade schools. In addition, computer proficiency is required in the field of commercial and graphic arts. Salaries vary widely depending on geographical location and individual specialization.

About Sample Artist Resume

When seeking a new job in any field, it is important to have a resume detailing your education and experience. In the field of art, it is equally important to have a portfolio with examples of past work to showcase your talent. In order to present the best impression it is wise to review sample artist resumes and portfolios online. These samples can provide inspiration for the best presentation of your skills while keeping the information concise.

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How to Write an Artist’s Resume

When preparing a resume it is important to include details about training and experience. If an artist has had work published, it should be highlighted in the resume. The portfolio should contain copies of any published work. Many artists have work that is used on Internet sites and links to these sites should be provided. For those who have worked in the field of animation, it is important to note the names of films or video games that include their artwork.

If an artist has won any awards for his or her work, the details, including the date of the award, should be noted. Art is a visual medium and the presentation of the resume should reflect the creativity of the job applicant. Work included in the portfolio should be carefully chosen and any work mentioned in the resume should appear in the portfolio.

Artist’s Job Description

The description of an artist’s job varies since there are many fields of specialization. Artists who work in animation, such as films and video games, may spend much of their time working on computers. Those who specialize in fields like fashion spend more time drafting and painting. Artists are needed by advertisers, film makers and companies that provide computer graphics. They are also required for illustrating books and other print media. Art restorers work in museums and galleries. Artists typically work under general supervision with certain amount of creative latitude.

Artist Salary

The average salary for an artist in the United States is $47,900 per year. Experienced artists with a proven track record may make significantly more than the average. Art directors have an average salary of about $64,000 per year. Those beginning work in this field can expect to earn between $20,000 and $25,000 per year depending on their level of education and experience. Salaries are dependent on the geographic location. Artists working in NYC or LA generally earn more than those working in smaller cities. The area of specialization also has a role in determining salary.

The need for professional artists is unlikely to decline in the foreseeable future. In graphic and commercial arts a two year trade school degree is the only education necessary. Talented individuals can find steady employment and excellent salaries in art careers.

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