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Choosing a career as an assayer offers the potential for some interesting, analytical work. An assayer performs chemical testing on metals and ascertains both their value and their true composition. In the case of precious metals such as gold and silver, they determine the purity of the metal and are known as gold-and-silver assayers. One benefit to working in this industry is that average salaries are higher than many other industries.

About Sample Assayer Resumes

Searching for sample assayer resumes online immediately gives an applicant a structure to work within to design a relevant resume. As minimum qualifications are generally postsecondary levels of a minimum of a master’s degree, and for research or teaching positions, a Ph.D., the bar is already set high for applicants. A resume gives an additional opportunity to demonstrate why an applicant is uniquely suited for the advertised position. It is important to take the time to give a resume a professional and sophisticated look while proofreading for clarity and factual accuracy.

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How to Write an Assayer Resume

Professionals who work as an assayer are either employed full time by mining companies or are self-employed and hire themselves out as independent consultants. Whichever path is chosen, presenting work history and relevant qualifications in the best possible manner is highly advantageous to winning either a contract or a job. Personal contact information always comes first within a resume. Career objectives can also be useful to include near the top. Increasingly, employees are favoring summaries of qualifications or work history in order to facilitate faster reading and quicker process for choosing the best applicant.

An assayer may have an extensive work history or list of contracts or projects completed. If this is the case, only the career highlights or most successful projects should be included in the resume. Proven analytical skills are important and evidence of laboratory experience and training are essential. If printing the resume to mail it in, applicants should be aware that fonts could appear differently on screen than they will when printed on paper, and should take this into account when designing the look of the resume. The general layout of a resume starts with contact details and is followed by a summary, job experience, education, certificates and memberships held and lastly, additional skills.

Assayer Job Description

An assayer is a scientist who is involved in testing precious metals, ore, rocks and minerals to determine their exact composition and purity. They may also refine base metal, and toughen weaker metals such as gold and silver. This process is achieved through spectrographic analysis and the use of chemicals within a laboratory using appropriate equipment. An assayer may also separate out the dross through liquid processes, flotation or heat. They weigh the remains to determine levels of gold, silver, platinum, and other compounds.

Assayer Salary

In 2010, an average assayer salary was $73, 000. Because of the close association with the mining industry, salaries are substantial. Of course, variations exist according to location, the company employing the assayer, experience within the industry and benefits included in the employment package. Differences in average salary for location range from $44,000 in Arizona, to $54,049 in New York. Those wishing to make higher levels of income should branch out into private consulting or self-employment and contract out their services to the mining industry.

There will always be need for precious metals and ores in consumer products such as jewelry, electrical wiring and batteries, to state a few examples. As long as demand remains for valuable commodities such as gold and silver, jobs will continue to be available for assayers.

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