Assembler Resume Writing Tips

A career as an assembler is not as mentally tasking as some other professions, but it does require hands-on ability, a personable disposition, and the ability to manufacture goods that pass quality assurance. Post-secondary education is generally not required, but there is extensive training needed for advanced assembly work. Candidates must carefully consider if they are comfortable with a job that is physically demanding and requires team work, before opting to pursue a job change into this profession.

About Sample Assembler Resumes

Writing a professional resume is not a simple task, but with the help of a sample assembler resume, the process is much easier. Although an assembler’s job does not require extensive education or heavily advanced technological skills, it is still important for the resume to be formatted correctly and highlight the applicant’s skills for them to gain a competitive edge over others. There are many unemployed workers in today’s economy vying for various jobs in production and assembly, so having an excellent resume now is more important than ever.

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How to Write an Assembler Resume

Because there are an abundance of displaced workers trying to get jobs in any field possible due to the rising unemployment rate in all professions, it is crucial to have an assembler resume that presents the applicant in the best light. If the applicant already specializes in some types of industrial jobs, listing years of field experience will have more of an impact than educational considerations. While education might play somewhat of a role, an employer in the assembly career will be more interested in an applicant with the years of hands-on experience that an applicant boasting a lot of education, but no experience.

Other fundamental skills that should be listed on the resume are proficiencies in technology as it relates to robots, computers, motion control devices, and other sensory technology. Manufacturing and production jobs have evolved along with other professions, so the more knowledge that an applicant can list, the better chance he has of getting a higher paying job within the profession. It is also critical to list communication skills, and being team oriented is probably the most important skill of all. Assemblers often work on teams, so employers will view this favorably.

Assembler Job Description

Assembler jobs cannot be listed in one category, but reviewed in terms of ranging from extremely easy to extremely difficult. Assemblers are responsible for manufacturing and putting together pieces, parts, components, and the finished product, so there must be flexibility and wide-range ability. Assemblers are also responsible for ensuring that the manufacturing processes, as well as the finished products, are able to pass quality assurance. Some assemblers work with small, delicate parts while others work with extremely large products. There is such a wide range of jobs available in the assembler spectrum, that it is a great career for someone who likes a lot of variation.

Assembler Salary

Just as job types range widely within the assembler field, so do the salaries. Most assemblers are paid an hourly wage between $9.61 to $24.91 based on complexity, education, and assembler types. Automotive, aircraft, and electronics assemblers are the highest paid, with simple fabricators being the lowest paid.

The assembler profession is not projected to increase or decrease much in the next 10 years, so stability, job security, and benefits are sought after more than the wages. Although a high school education generally suffices, there are a limited number of assembler jobs available. As a result, it is now more important to have a high quality resume than ever before.

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