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Much like all involved parties in the real estate arena, assessors go through typical times of ‘feast and famine’ that are driven by the economy and consumer demand. During high seasons in real estate, assessors can make good money, but need to save as much as possible, because there are equal seasons of little income. The most stable assessors work for the government. During the next few years, there is slower growth projected for assessors, and considering the recent economic collapse of the housing market, candidates must consider this carefully before making this a career choice.

About Sample Assessor Resumes

Professional resumes are never easy to write, but with the help of a sample resume, the task won’t be a difficult undertaking. A sample resume is the key to assisting in choosing proper fonts and styles and will help create a resume that is professional and appealing to an employer. It will also allow applicants to narrow down to the skills deemed most desirable, and help create a resume that is concise but powerfully worded.

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How to Write an Assessor Resume

Due to lowered demand for assessors now, it is more important than ever for an applicant to be seen as the best in the field. The first thing that an employer sees about a candidate is the resume, and with so many potential employees, he or she can afford to glance at a resume and make a decision to pursue an interviewee within a few short seconds. That is not a lot of time to make a great impression, so it’s important to include the right credentials.

Assessors are required to have a bachelor’s degree and be often licensed in the states they work in, so it is important to list educational, licensing, and continued educational experience on the resume. Substantial research, analysis, mathematical aptitude, and attention to detail is required; as a result, it is important to list proficiency in those areas. For real estate assessors, who are most often self-employed fee appraisers, turnaround times are important to individual clients. If one has the ability to research comparables and submit appraisals within a short time, this needs to be included. If assistance is needed, refer to the sample assessor resume online.

Assessor Job Description

Assessors are included in two narrowly defined categories: Real estate appraisers or government assessors. In the real estate arena, any time a home is mortgaged, taxed, or developed, an appraisal is required. Many real estate appraisers are self-employed so they need to perform with at a high level of efficiency to continue being chosen for jobs. Realtors, consumers, and builders expect appraisers to work quickly and efficiently and will choose appraisers based largely on this. Assessors are responsible for appraising property for government purposes, so that the government can tax property correctly. Assessments are done each year, so government assessors tend to have better job security.

Assessor Salary

The median salary for assessors is $47,370 with the higher paid at $66,640 and the lower end at $25,900. Income is directly tied to real estate, and as it is cyclical and turbulent, salary can vary from month to month. The most stable sector to work in is government as mentioned above but this isn’t commensurate with a higher salary.

There is not much projected growth within the next ten years, but jobs will be available when assessors retire, take long leaves of absence, or leave the occupation entirely. It is important to have a resume that is powerful and dynamic to be the ones chosen to fill these vacancies as they arise.

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