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A career as an assistant professor has not only several attractive benefits, but has great potential for advancement. Ranking just above an instructor, it offers the possibility of advancement to an associate professor followed by a full professorship. Of course, a candidate seeking this position needs to understand the requirements of the job and what employers want. Possessing this knowledge can give a candidate an edge over the competition.

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Writing a professional resume, or curriculum vitae, can be the most important step in any academic job search. Emphasizing strengths and showcasing professional accomplishments is vital to the process. By exploring a sample assistant professor resume, candidates will gain a solid understanding of this task. The sample resume can provide ideas on what information to include and on how to best present that information in an attractive and professional manner.

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How to Write an Assistant Professor Resume

Though growth in this field is expected to continue, competition for tenured, full-time positions is fierce. Since an assistant professorship may be the first step toward a tenured position, it is imperative that a candidate make a positive first impression. An assistant professor resume is the first step. An attractive presentation along with including key points may increase the chances of earning that coveted position.

The most important qualification to include is the degree earned ‘ especially a Ph.D. Though some institutions will hire candidates with a master’s degree, a Ph.D. has a distinct advantage. Beyond the degree, employers are looking for a variety of other things such as any previous teaching experience and any evidence of research and publications. Additional skills a candidate should emphasize include technological, communication and interpersonal. Visit an online assistant professor resume for additional ideas.

Assistant Professor Job Description

Assistant professors perform many of the same duties as a full professor. Hours are flexible and are determined only by class times and office hours. The main responsibilities generally include planning and teaching a variety of class sizes (sometimes on-line), staying up-to date on current research, and evaluating and advising students. Some research and publishing is necessary for advancement, but often the coveted research projects go first to the full professors.

Assistant Professor Salary

In general the postsecondary field is predicted to experience a 15 percent growth between 2008 and 2018, making it faster than the average. Many of these positions are part-time and originate out of retirements and an expected rise in the population of 18 to 24 year-olds. The type of institution, geographic location and the field of expertise will impact salaries. In 2008-2009, the American Association of University Professors revealed that assistant professors averaged $63,827. Other sources of incomes include such opportunities as teaching other classes, consulting, research, and writing.

Though competition is intense, a career as an assistant professor offers a lot of room for rewards and advancement. Predicted growth in this industry only serves to underscore the possibilities. Having an attractive and professional resume will increase the odds of securing just such a position.

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