How To Write a Assistant Professor Resume

Individuals looking to find a position in academia need to cater their resumes for this specific sector. There are a lot of differences between a resume aimed at securing a job in a private business sector position and one that is used to apply for a position in education. One of the biggest distinctions is that resumes for educator positions do not place the same amount of significance on work experience as other resumes do. People searching through resumes for academic positions, such as assistant professor positions, are more concerned with educational background, teaching experience, and awards or achievements that highlight accomplishments for work-studies conducted during the time spent enhancing their education.

Education Background

Education achievements are extremely important to include in a resume aimed at finding a position as an assistant professor. The reason for this is because most of the time the educational backgrounds will be used to screen out unqualified applicants. You should include your most recent education accomplishments first, including any unfinished degrees that are currently in progress, and working backwards. Sometimes it is ok to include information on high school education but generally resume writers should stop with their basic undergraduate education.

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Work Experience

While this is not as important of a section as it is in other kinds of resumes, people who have relevant work experience should include it on the document. Relevant work experience includes positions in industries that require similar skills or knowledge that the individual will be teaching on if they receive the job. If the link between your past work experience and the material you will be teaching on is unclear you will need to clarify why you think it is relevant to that particular position; this can be done with a simple descriptive blurb that tells the reader why you think it is important.

Teaching Experience

Depending on the type of assistant professorship you are applying for you could be required to teach recitations or provide full lectures on class related material. Any teaching experience you have can let resume readers know that you are comfortable and capable of standing in front of a class and delivering material in a coherent way. You should include information regarding what kinds of material presentation you are familiar with (straight lecture formats, PowerPoint assisted presentations, interactive style presentations, etc.) and how large of an audience you typically lecture to.

Additional Assistant Professor Resume Writing Tips

As with any resume you will need to highlight any kinds of awards or recognitions that you have received during your education career. This can include any scholarships or grants you earned from successes during your undergraduate or postgraduate work. Including academic scholarships can highlight that you excelled as a student; you should also include the cumulative GPA for the various degrees you have earned. It is also a good idea to include any clubs or activities and any leadership positions you held in those organizations to show that you are a well rounded individual. Clubs or organizations that relate to the area you are trying to get an assistant professorship in are especially important to include.

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