Assistant Teacher Resume Writing Tips

Assistant teachers, or TA’s as they are often referred to in college environments, typically have a variety of responsibilities such as researching, preparing class materials, grading student work, and teaching recitations or even delivering full lectures on class material. Individuals interested in applying for an assistant teacher position will need to have dynamic resumes that detail their different abilities and qualifications that make them the best candidate for the particular position they are applying for.

The best resumes for assistant teachers cover all the relative areas that potential employers are looking for without taking up 10 pages to do so. Great resumes are usually one to two pages and are precise and to the point. If you are having difficulties formatting your assistant teacher resume and would like additional help you can search for assistant teacher resume samples online; these can give you a great idea of where to start as well as provide you with tips on how to neatly and precisely format your resume. Regardless of the particular assistant teaching position you are applying for, there are very basic pieces of information you should include in your resume.

Education, Scholarships and Achievements

Since assistant teaching positions are education positions the most important thing that potential employers are looking for is education background. This section needs to include the individual’s most recent education first and work backwards (usually you should stop with your undergraduate degrees but some situations merit you going as far back as to include information from your high school education if it is particularly relevant).

Students in the process of finishing a degree should include that degree and information concerning their current level of progress and any notable achievements regarding that degree up to that point. Make sure that you are only including information in this section that is relevant to the position you are applying for or information that is particularly impressive and noteworthy that will make you stand apart from other applicants.

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Teaching Experience & Research

If you are applying for a position that will require you to lecture in front of students you should include any relevant teaching experience that you have. You can elaborate on the particular teaching styles that you are familiar with, such as if you generally use a straight lecture style of if you are a more dynamic speaker and use presentation aids like PowerPoint. If you have experience working directly with students you should also include that.

Some positions require you to work closely with the teacher on any research projects they are currently conducting. You may also have to research material that will be used to supplement class lectures. If you have any experience assisting in research projects or if you have conducted your own research project you should note this here. It is a great idea to add a little description about the kinds of research you had to conduct as well as if the research received any kind of special recognition or awards.

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