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An associate is defined as a person who participates with others in an activity, or a subordinate of an institution or commercial enterprise, for example within a law firm. They usually have partial rights or privileges. A law firm is typically comprised of partners who own a share in the firm and associates who are employees and are paid a salary or wage. In time, they may have the opportunity to become a partner. Associates may also be found in accountancy firms, investment banks and management consulting firms.

About Sample Associate Resumes

An associate needs to demonstrate a willingness to put in the hard work and long hours required to climb the ladder within the industry. Proof of adequate qualifications is also necessary when applying for a job as well as details of relevant work experience. The easiest way to present all relevant information for a job position is in a resume. Looking up some sample associate resumes online is a good starting point for revamping and restructuring a resume into a more relevant document for the current job.

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How to Write an Associate Resume

An investment banking associate has typically graduated with an MBA or put in three or four years work experience as an analyst. Proving loyalty though commitment to past employers and firms is essential, therefore knowing which referees to include as part of your resume is a vital decision. Referees can make the different between winning a position or losing out to a lesser qualified applicant. Associates need exceptional interpersonal skills in order to deal with clients and fellow employees in continual pressure situations.

Typical headings can be used to structure the resume. Career objectives will be a particularly important section for the applicant to express future career goals. Proofreading a resume is a point that is often overlooked but absolutely necessary especially when the job requires the applicant to demonstrate attention to detail. Presentation is the best way to catch the potential employer’s eye and choosing clear, easy to read fonts can go a long way in simplifying the task employer’s face in working through each resume.

Associate Job Description

An associate may be in a law firm, an accounting firm, a management consulting firm or an investment bank. Typically, an associate is an entry-level position and after a few years of on the job training, an associate may be given the opportunity to advance. Associates handle a lot of grunt work. For example an accounting associate generates invoices, tracks time sheets, assists in administration, handles incoming payments for accounts and much more.

Associate Salary

An associate’s salary is predetermined upon employment. An associate typically earns less than partners in the firm do, however bonuses for excellent performance is typical. Average salaries depend on the industry the associate works in. For example, an associate in investment banking can earn $90,000 in the first year, in New York City. In 2008, a law associate’s average base salary was $160,000 with bonuses ranging from $35,000 to $45,000.

Although an associate puts in long hard hours in the first years of the position, for the ambitious person it offers a viable career path. An associate may be given the chance to become a partner in a firm in the future and are usually the first choice for promotions. Working from the bottom rung of the ladder and advancing through an industry is a good solid way to build a viable and long lasting career.

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