Associates Degree Resume Writing Tips

Individuals who have recently completed associates degree programs and are looking for work will need to create a resume to highlight their achievements in a way that will separate them from the competition. There are a lot of positions available that are looking for individuals that have associates degrees and are capable workers. The reward of finding a great job is well worth the effort spent creating and formatting an associate degree resume.

Individuals who have spent the time, money, and effort into earning an associate’s degree should be proud of their work. A resume is a great way to show potential employers your education, skills, and abilities. Regardless of the position that you are applying for, an individual creating an associate’s degree resume will need to include several key pieces of information in the document. If you are having difficulties in figuring out where to get started you can search for associates degree resume samples online that can give you an idea of where to begin.


This is clearly the most important section for this kind of resume. Your latest education, which in this case is the associate’s degree, needs to be listed first. You will need to identify which area you received your associate’s degree in (for example, associate’s degrees are available in such areas as Applied Arts, Applied Business, Political Science, Technology, etc.). You can also list the courses that were acquired during the degree that you believe are relevant to the position you are applying for.

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Scholarships, Awards, Memberships

In this section you should include any notable pieces of information that reflect if you excelled in anything as you were continuing your education. If you received an academic scholarship or some other kind of recognition or award due to having a great GPA or for some other example of academic excellence it needs to be included. This area is a great place to include any information pertaining to your involvement in an organization or club that is related to your degree or the position that you are applying for. Make sure to explain how your involvement in the organization is relevant and give a short but precise description of any kind of leadership position you held in that club or group.

Work Experience

A lot of people started out in the work force before going back to school and earning an associate’s degree. You will need to include your most recent work experience first and work backwards. It is a good idea to include jobs that are relevant to the position you are applying for; potential employers like to see jobs included in work experience that required the same kinds of skills or had the same level of responsibilities as the position that they are trying to fill. You should include small descriptions about the kinds of skills that you used in each position as well as technology used, level of interaction with coworkers, as well as any leadership or managerial responsibilities you had.

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