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After graduating from law school individuals have several decisions ahead of them. Some recent graduates decide to start their own practices while other individuals without an entrepreneurial spirit take the more traditional approach of applying to established law firms. These kinds of students will require a great resume that can highlight their accomplishments during the education and any previous work experience they have before passing the state bar exam giving them license to work in whatever state they take the test for.

Attorneys that have already established their careers might also be looking to move from one law firm to another or would like to work as a corporate attorney for a different company. Where recent graduates will want to highlight their achievements and beginning work experience, older professionals should seek to illustrate the various accomplishments they have achieved during their professional career. Regardless of the different stages these individuals might be at in their career there are some common things that should be included in any attorney’s resume. If you are having a particularly difficult time writing an attorney resume, there is a lot of attorney resume samples available online to help you get started.

Education Background

This section is most important for recent graduates and people without considerable work experience. Older professionals should still focus on their educational achievements but should probably list their relative work experience first if it is more impressive than their educational background.

Individuals that attended prestigious law schools and well-respected undergraduate institutions should advertise this fact in the education segment of their resume. The entire point of going somewhere with a well-respected reputation is that it will serve to advance your career.

People who did not attend some of the more notable programs across the country should focus instead on their achievements during the time spent in school. You should include any scholarships or awards that you received during your education as well as GPA and standard testing scores that would reflect your abilities.

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Work Experience

This area should serve to highlight your successes in practical work experiences. If you held a chair on any landmark cases or have any particularly notable achievements they should definitely be included. The point of this section is to impress whoever will be reading your resume and to give them a reason as to why they need you to be a part of their team over other applicants. Recent graduates should include any student work experience or work as a legal aid to show potential employers that while you are familiar with how the legal process works and that you are capable of building on the small base of experience you have already established.


This is an area that is used to reiterate the fact that you are in fact licensed to practice law in the capacity of the position that you are applying for. It would also be incredibly prudent to list specialized qualifications that make you uniquely capable of operating successfully in a particular position, such as working as an attorney for a pharmaceutical company if you have an undergraduate degree in Chemistry. This area should tell the resume reader why you are the most qualified individual for the position you are applying for.

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