How To Write a Attorney Resume

An attorney’s job isn’t nearly as easy as one might think, but it can be rewarding for the right type of person. Attorneys participate in numerous roles depending on their clientele, so it is important to be highly adaptable and able to accept near-constant change. As an attorney, applicants must have a mastery of many skills including research, writing, speaking, analysis, and critical thinking. These are only a few elements that must be considered before transitioning into this career.

About Sample Attorney Resumes

Writing a professional resume is a formidable task, but referring to a sample attorney resume will help in facilitating the process. A sample resume can assist in determining how to showcase the most sought after skills in the profession, and outline individual experience in a succinct manner. The sample resume is also a great tool in deciding which fonts and styles represent an attorney in the most professional light, and it will allow the applicant to focus on the most logical area of expertise.

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How to Write an Attorney Resume

With the wide array of jobs available for attorneys, it is deceptively easy to think that landing a position won’t be overly challenging. However, for every job opening in the field, there is an applicant equally qualified to fill the position. This is why a solid resume is crucial. It is the first impression that an employer has of a potential applicant, so it must be dynamic and stand apart from others. If the average employer only reviews a resume for 7 seconds, then the resume needs to be practically perfect.

Critical information to include in an attorney’s resume is the law school attended and grade point average (GPA) upon graduation. Competition to get into law school is fierce, so if an applicant maintains an exemplary GPA while in school, it will separate him from other candidates. That the attorney has passed the bar and MBE examination needs to be included, because these are required licensure exams to practice law. A lot of research now is done on the computer, so computer proficiency is a necessity. Applicants need to pinpoint the skills that most identify them, so that employers have an idea of their potential specialization. If assistance is needed, refer more closely to the sample attorney resume which can be found online.

Attorney Job Description

Attorney jobs fit within one of two broad categories: criminal or civil law, with most specializations in areas of civil law. As a criminal attorney, the job is to represent, advise, and counsel people accused of committing a crime. Civil law attorneys can specialize in litigation, wills, probate, contracts, and many other areas. Attorneys can choose to be the advocate of individuals, companies, or the government, but his most important role is to protect his reputation. An attorney’s job relies wholly on the respect and trust of his clients, colleagues, and the public.

Attorney Salary

The median annual pay for an attorney is $110,590 with a high at $145,770 for representing companies and enterprises, and a low of $78,540 working for state government. Within 9 months of graduating law school, the average pay is $68,500. $108,500 is the average for a graduate entering private practice, and the lowest is a graduate entering into academic or judicial clerkships at $48,000. It can be determined that there is significant potential for career and salary growth as the attorney gains experience, and even the lowest salary is higher than many other professions.

With the intense competition and qualifications of graduating law students, it is fundamental for an attorney to develop a resume that is professionally worded and presented. It is the only way to gain a foothold in an occupation ripe with lucrative career opportunities.

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