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Auditors are accountants that specialize in reviewing transaction records and other relevant financial records to ensure that companies are operating within regulations for their specific industries. They also provide insight into where companies need to make amendments to their current operations to maximize profitability. Auditors are now in high demand thanks to increasingly strict reporting requirements and laws that have come about as a result of scandals like Enron and other fraudulent corporate financial recording.

There are two main kinds of auditor positions that would require an auditor resume to apply for. External auditors typically work for accounting or auditing firms and are contracted to work for companies that desire their various services. External auditors can also work in government positions; a good example of a government auditor is someone working as an IRS auditor. Internal auditors have slightly different responsibilities than external auditors. While both positions require individuals to review financial records and ensure congruence with federal regulation, internal auditors are also responsible for ensuring that the company they work for is operating as efficiently as possible.

Regardless of the type of auditing position you are interested in applying for there are several important pieces of information you should include in your resume to ensure that whoever is reading your resume will consider you for the position. Auditor resumes are formatted in much the same way as resumes aimed at securing other kinds of positions in the business sector. In case you are having trouble formatting your auditor resume you can search for auditor resume samples online that can serve as a great starting point for this process.


To apply for an auditing position you will need to have a degree in accounting at the very least. You will also need to be certified as a CPA, this will be mentioned in the certifications section following this one. As you should do when writing any resume, you will need to list your highest degrees first and work your way backwards. Having an advanced degree, such as a MBA, can help separate you from other candidates for a position and should be emphasized on the resume.

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In this section you should include any accounting or auditing certifications that you have earned. Some companies will only consider individuals who have been certified in specific areas. It is a really good idea to include any certifications that you think are relevant to the position that you are applying for since these can set you apart from other candidates.

Work Experience

Recent graduates that do not have a lot of work experience as a professional auditor should try to emphasize this section as little as possible. For individuals that have established careers in the auditing field, this should be listed before education. If you do have relevant work experience you should list the kinds of work that you did at your previous position and the kinds of skills or abilities that were needed daily in that job. Listing the kinds of work you have done will show potential employers the range of tasks you are capable of doing and can give them an idea as to whether or not you will be able to perform to duties that the position in question will require.

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