How To Write a Auditor Resume

Before choosing to embark on a career as an auditor, candidates must be able to fully grasp the complexities, responsibility, and accountability involved in this demanding career. The common misconception is that the only requirement to become an auditor is to be a skilled mathematician with a general understanding of finances, but this could not be further from the truth. A career as an auditor involves lifelong continuing education, in addition to the arduous task of staying abreast of changing tax legislation. Taking on a profession of such magnitude should be carefully considered.

About Sample Auditor Resumes

Writing a professional resume is a difficult undertaking, but referring to a sample auditor resume will make the process much smoother. A sample resume is a wonderful tool that helps demonstrate how skills should be best presented, as well as a guide to show which fonts and styles provide the most professional appearance. It also assists as an outline to follow to ensure that only the important features of an applicant are included, and that it is not overly verbose.

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How to Write an Auditor Resume

Because there are a multitude of specializations within the auditor profession, it is vitally important to target one specific area of expertise within the resume. Most graduates are encouraged to do this very thing, and if a resume indicates that the applicant displays expertise in several diverse areas, a potential employer will reject it. A resume with intense focus on one concentration within the auditing profession will stand out more than one that is wildly generalized and weak, because an employer knows that it is virtually impossible to master many different areas within the occupation.

In addition to the intense specialization of one area, it is vitally important to include certain skills and education in the resume. A bachelor’s degree, mathematical aptitude, analytical skills, and the ability to interpret facts and figures are only a few that are deemed necessary. All auditors must have their Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, but it also looks more favorable to have as many certifications as can be obtained. The exams to become certified in all areas are extensive and strenuous, so if more than one or two are listed as completed, the employer knows that they are dealing with an extraordinary candidate.

Auditor Job Description

The auditor profession is comprised of four major categories: public, management, government, and internal auditing. There are numerous sub-categories within each sector. Normal functions for auditors are analyzing financial data, keeping checks and balances within companies, and accurately reporting information to the government. Auditors perform fraud analyses, check for waste and mismanagement, and on the government level, police all entities that are required to report earnings and tax information to the government. It is extremely important to have exemplary verbal and written communication skills, because all representation of financial data is required to be highly accurate. Regardless of the area an auditor works in, intense focus and concentration is demanded.

Auditor Salary

The median annual salary for auditors is $59,430 with the high being in accounting and payroll services at $61,480 and a low of $51,250 working for state government. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree start out on average making $48,993, and those with a master’s degree make a marginal difference of only $793 annually. All auditing jobs offer a stable salary over time that increases with experience, but it is certainly not the highest paid profession. Most people that enter the field enjoy the stability more than the actual wages.

Although there is substantial projected growth in the next 10 years, this does not guarantee that an applicant will be hired for a job in auditing. It is crucial to have the strongest and most professional resume that outlines the extraordinary talents of the individual, in order to take advantage of the greatest opportunities within the profession.

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