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Authors or writers who are interested in applying for a position will need to create a resume that details their achievements and capabilities. One difficulty that authors run into when writing resumes is that it is hard to quickly express their style of writing, the depth and breadth of their published material, and any other qualifications that make them stand out in their industry. The important thing to keep in mind with resumes is that they need to be relatively short and to the point but most importantly they need to be comprehensive, which can be hard to do for authors that have a variety of talents. A lot of people trying to write author resumes find it helpful to look up author resume samples online to give them a good idea of where to start.

Professional Experience

The single most important thing that will stand one author apart from other candidates for a position is the kinds of experience they have and how well it relates to the position they are applying for. Potential employers want to see what kinds of work the author has had published and the exposure that they have received during their career in writing.

Professional experience should include any books that the individual has authored or co-authored and any articles published under the author’s name. This is also a good area to include any editing experience that you may have in this field. Since most authors have an extensive amount of published material it is vital that you only include keep in mind what potential employers are looking for. Potential employers are only interested in seeing published material that is either incredibly impressive on its own and has earned the author a decent amount of exposure or material that exhibits the authors ability to write content related to the position that they are applying for.

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Employment Experience

This is a great area for authors to include any experience they have in a professional writing position. Authors that worked as ghostwriters, and therefore do not have material published in their own name, should include that kind of information here. Having working experience in a writing position can help to set you apart from other candidates in the eyes of the potential employer.

You should include information such as what kinds of material you were required to write about in that position, typical deadlines that you would have to meet, and what kinds of working relationships you had with other writers and editors that you experienced (for instance you should include important information such as if you were required work with other authors on assignments).

Awards and Memberships

In this area you will need to highlight any achievements or awards that you have received during your writing career. Additionally, a lot of authors belong to a variety of professional organizations and writing guilds. Some of these organizations are very well respected and require an invitation by the group before a person can join; make sure to specify if you are a member in any such organization. Make sure that you are not including every award you have ever received and every group that you are a member of but instead only include the most notable and impressive items on your list.

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