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Automation Engineers are currently in high demand and there are no signs of this decreasing. Their expert knowledge and skills make them a hot commodity for companies looking to revolutionize and optimize tasks and procedures that were once done by manual labor. Automation Engineering was typically used in manufacturing processes but with the rise in computer engineering it has grown in leaps and bounds and is now being implemented in previously unimaginable ways. However, even with automation engineers being so desired in the work force, individuals in this line of work should not neglect the basic principles that going into crafting a quality resume.

Competition for run-of-the-mill automation engineering positions would definitely not be defined as cutthroat; individuals interested in high-level automation engineering positions, however, are more likely to face stiff competition from comparably skilled competitors. If you want to grab one of the high-level jobs in this industry, and the large pay increase that comes with it, you will need to dedicate a little bit of your time to creating a resume that can awe potential employers. There are tons of automation engineer resume samples online that can give you a good idea of where to start.

Previous Work Experience

The automation engineering industry constantly builds upon and reinvents itself. If you can use your previous work experience to prove to potential employers that you are capable of continuously improving a previous design or that you are capable of coming up with new ideas to continue to expand the limits of the industry you will be leaps and bounds above your competitors.

When listing experience on a resume you must make sure that it is relevant to the position you are applying for. If the information does not provide a link from your previous work to the work you would be performing in the new position, it should not be included. Make sure that you describe the previous work experience by listing projects you worked on, daily responsibilities and requirements, any managerial roles your were in, etc. It would also be prudent to include ‘areas of expertise’ in this section of the resume under the appropriate positions that you used that particular expertise to produce quality work.

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In order to become an automation engineer individuals have to undergo extensive higher education schooling. Some companies will not even consider applicants without Master’s degrees in the field. It is very important to list your education since it will prove to the potential employer that you are indeed qualified to perform the work that they will need. Start by listing your highest degrees first, with the particular field of study, and moving backwards into undergraduate courses of study.

Technical or Computer Skills

The automation engineering industry is incredibly invested in technology. Applicants should list all of their technical abilities as well as the software programs they are accustomed to use to complete their work and other computer based knowledge relevant to the position. Examples of things that an individual should include are any known programming languages (C, Java, C++, etc) and modeling tools (such as CAD).

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