Babysitter Resume Writing Tips

Babysitting is an industry that is in constant demand and there is a continual turnover of staff moving in and out of the industry. Therefore, Job opportunities in this vocation are good. The potential also exists for self-employment and self managed businesses to cater to this niche.

About Sample Babysitter Resumes

There are many opportunities in the babysitting industry for employment, however better positions are gained due to experience and pay can increase with education. Therefore knowing which skills and qualifications to highlight can be of paramount importance when writing a resume. A resume is an opportunity for the applicant to sell their skills and suitability for the position to the potential employer. Therefore using a sample babysitter resume as a template can pay dividends. Sample babysitter resumes can be found online.

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How to Write a Babysitter Resume

Writing a resume is an easier task when a general structure has been set in place first. Personal information and contact information always belongs at the top of the resume. Qualifications or education details that are relevant to babysitting can then be listed. Skills gained through work experience and employment is an important section to follow, and if work history is extensive, only the highlights should be included. Creative skills and abilities in the arts are important when working with kids and including proof of physical fitness along with effective communication skills would be advantageous.

In many states, not even a high school diploma is needed, although there are variations between states in licensing and training requirements. However, certain qualities should be emphasized within the resume, including the ability to effectively cater to the needs of children, according to their ages. This includes ability with food handling and preparation and awareness of their spiritual, emotional, physical and educational needs. The ability to cater to these needs is vital for any babysitter and should be proven through relating practical work experience and quality referees.

Babysitter Job Description

A babysitter is usually paid by the hour and employed in private homes and families. Duties may include all aspects of caring for children including cooking for and feeding them, taking care of related household duties such as laundering their clothes and supervising their daily schedule. Overseeing chores and responsibilities the children have within the home is also important as well as entertainment and discipline. Babies require extra care such as diaper changes and bottle-feeding. Babysitters may be required to chauffer children to after-hours activities or doctor’s appointments.

Babysitter Salary

Pay for babysitters is not very high, however, it does increase along with the level of education and can vary depending on the employer. According to a recent survey, the average wage was $9.12 an hour with the highest levels of pay increasing to $13.98 an hour. Pay also depends on location, the number of children being cared for, and the shifts worked. Very few workers in this industry get many benefits, but may be offered free training and seminars. Babysitters that work as nannies often live with families and in these situations room and board is usually included in the pay.

For anyone who loves the satisfaction of working and interacting with children, babysitting is an ideal industry. While wages may not be as high as other industries, minimal entry requirements throw the industry wide open. The satisfaction of investing into children and playing a part in their development and growth can be well worth the more physical demands of the job.

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