Baker Resume Writing Tips

For those people who enjoy cooking, a job as a baker may be the perfect career choice. There is more involved than just following basic recipes, however. It takes a lot of skill and experience to make sure all the baked goods turn out exactly as expected, and the longer a baker works at this job, the better he or she becomes. Baking is a science, and each step of the process is vital to the end result.

About Sample Baker Resumes

Gathering information and compiling a resume for a position of a baker is not as easy as it may first seem. It’s not just simply stating that baking is something that you are good at, because anyone can read directions from a box and turn out some type of baked goods. There are numerous qualifications that should be mentioned in the resume when applying for the position of a baker. It’s a good idea to find a sample baker resume or two online, and follow the recommended format. These resumes can give ideas and information that a potential employee may overlook when writing their own resume.

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How to Write a Baker Resume

An impressive resume for any position should always list skills and experience, and a baker resume is no different. Qualifications for a baker position may depend on the job type, but any experience in a cooking related occupation should be included. Even if this experience is self-taught, it is important to include this in the resume. Many good bakers have not obtained any formal training and have learned through experience. When it comes to education, list any and all qualifications past and present that are related to this field.

A candidate that is exceptionally good at something, for instance cake baking, should be sure to include this on the resume. The general format for a baker resume starts with contact details and a summary, which is followed by work experience, education, certificates/licenses held, memberships and finally skills. The resume should be designed in a point wise manner.

Baker Job Description

The job description for a baker will vary, depending on where he or she is employed, and will encompass a wide range of baked goods. A baker employed by a small bakery, for example, will be responsible for creating breads, rolls, cakes, pies, and cookies that are sold to the customers. Some bakers specialize, and create only wedding cakes or other confections for parties or special occasions. Other bakers may be employed by large scale industries such as hotels, supermarkets, or restaurants, and there may be more than one baker, with each one having a specialty. It is important that the baker be creative, while maintaining quality of the baked goods he or she is responsible for producing.

Baker Salary

The salary of a baker is going to depend on where he or she is employed, the years of experience, and the type of baking that is done. For employees just starting out, the average salary will normally be approximately $20,000 annually. This salary can rise above $36,000 yearly as the baker gains experience and skills. Bakers who are employed by large grocery store chains have a salary ranging from $19,000 to $34,000, but again, this is determined by the number of years on the job, and the special skills he or she has developed. Many bakers take courses at culinary schools or online to gain experience and knowledge in a particular area, or just to keep up with latest trends in baking.

Employment for someone interested in baking as a career can be found in a variety of locations. Small, home-town bakeries, restaurants, hotels, and large supermarkets hire often. For anyone with a love of cooking, and baking in particular, this is an ideal career choice.

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