Bartender Resume Writing Tips

To many people, a bartender’s job may seem simple. All you have to do is to mix drinks and pour beers. However, it is actually not that simple at all, and requires a good deal of knowledge and a certain type of person to do the job. With this in mind, a resume is an all important tool to use in acquiring a bartending job.

Sample Bartender Resumes

A potential bartender should look at sample bartending resumes online before starting to make sure they he or she is on the right track. As with any other job, a resume is very important since this may be the first impression that an employer will get of you, which could also be the last impression if the resume does not meet that employer’s specifications. It is important that the resume highlights your skills and attributes to the fullest, especially if you are trying for a job in an upscale bar.

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How to Write a Bartender Resume

Personal and contact information should be the first things on the resume. Include name, address and phone numbers in this section. Secondly, it is important for the potential bartender should realize that a chronological resume may not be necessary. Recent jobs should be listed before education since this is the area most of interest to a prospecting employer. The most relevant jobs should be listed first.

A job seeker should also include any licensing, mixology education, and anything else that may be relevant to getting the job. This may include previous responsibilities, college education and general demeanor, as well as whether he or she is a people person and can multitask. The latter is important, as a bartender will need to serve patrons at the bar along with making drinks for his or her wait staff. After this, list any special recognition or rewards that may have been attained.

Bartender Job Description

Naturally, the prime responsibility of a bartender involves preparing and serving drinks as well as ringing up sales. Other responsibilities will involve keeping stock of inventory and ensuring that the bar and cellar are kept clean and organized. In addition, a bartender will also have a certain responsibility towards patrons such as checking identification for age purposes and knowing when a patron has reached his or her limit. A bartender may also be required to prepare drinks for wait staff and count the tills at the end of the day.

Bartender Salary

The actual salary for a bartender is nominal as far as the guarantee goes. In most places, the guaranteed wage is in the $8.00 per hour range. The good news is that a bartender is likely to receive tips throughout the day (not as much as wait staff though) and with a low starting point, with the right attitude and performance, it is possible to get a raise in salary from time to time. Some people only work at bars/restaurants part time but those that have this role full time can often clock up more than 40 hours each week.

There is always a need for bartenders, and the first step in a search for one of these jobs is by having a well written resume that clearly identifies the applicant’s attributes and skills. If you haven’t worked in a bar before, don’t worry because this is often the first type of employment that a person will have; arrange to speak with the manager before submitting a resume to improve chances of being accepted.

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