Benefits of Asking Interview Questions

We know you believe the interview is a one-sided affair, the hiring manager’s opportunity to screen you as a viable candidate for their position. This is an unfortunate approach to the process. There is nothing more unsettling to hiring managers than a candidate that lets them do all the talking, answers only the questions put forth to them, and leaves with no questions of their own.

The interview is also your opportunity to find out if this job is the right fit for you. Asking interview questions not only makes you look like an enthusiastic and smart candidate, it lets you know what you need to about the position, the department, the company, the team, etc.So, even if your interview has been scintillating and you wowed the hiring manager, when they offer the proverbial, “So, do you have any questions for us?”, hit them with at least one more. Your ability to probe and explore will be remembered.
Sample Interview Questions You Can Ask
For the hiring manager interview, limit questions to the company. Save job-related questions for the second interview, when you’re talking with someone that knows day-to-day responsibilities.
What kind of training can I expect? What does the company offer in professional development or advancement? What happened to the last person who held this job? What’s happened to successful employees that have held this position? What goals or metrics will my performance be measured against? How long have you been with the company? What did you do before this? Can you tell me anything about the company’s plans for growth? What do you know about the team I’d be working with? How would you describe the culture here? I think we’ve covered my qualifications and the position, but do you have any concerns about my being a good fit? What’s the most important thing I could do in the first 60 days? Are there any other questions you want to ask me?
While it is okay to ask interview questions, remember hiring managers are busy. Ask a few questions to get the hiring manager’s attention, reinforcing your commitment and advancing your candidacy, but don’t overstay your welcome.

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